Friday, March 16, 2012

Take Out The Trash

THE NSW government has just tipped an additional $15 million into the arts community's coffers, including $91,600 to underwite The De Quincey Company Ltd.'s little projects. Here is one of them:

Thanks to Boy On A Bike for digging through statements of expenditure.

In a similar vein, Bell Shakespeare has scored $616,686. In addition to underwriting more clowns with their heads in rubbish bins, the arbiters of aesthetics appear to believe there are not enough productions of Macbeth on a tram, Coriallanus in a urinal at the MCG and Henry V addressing seagulls at the Werribee Sewerage Farm.

You might not know art, but you know what it's like: supporting the well-connected while flushing public monies down some very fashionable toilets.


  1. Excessive funding as your story proves, just leads to masturbation. The only one getting any pleasure is the individual doing the deed.

    1. You have led a sheltered life!

  2. Couldn't you have a lot of fun if your were the NSW Arts Minister and wanted to make a little mischief with the Left. Tender for 6 part documentary on the history of Andrew Bolt. Poetry contest on the glories of John Howard. Tender for a Dramatic play about a communist who...Would the Left sell their souls for a bucket of cash?

  3. Bunyip, where do I apply for a grant?

  4. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.March 16, 2012 at 2:10 PM

    "You might not know art, but you know what it's like". Sheer genius, Prof. I have been searching for those very words for years, and now you've found them.

  5. To spend, or not to spend, that is the question! Whether 'tis nobler in the Budget to allocate some dosh to arty farty types, or to hold back the cash and make them squeal? To act, perchance to bull****, aye there's the rub!

  6. Look at the positive side. Wouldn't these unemployable clowns be on welfare otherwise? Oh, that's right.


    PS Lizzie beat me to it - nice line Prof.

  7. Little Bourgoise Pollies of any "party"cannot show a lack of "kulcha" as the late leftie arty Norm Gallagher useta say .the other uniwankers just have to support it.its another form of middle class welfare.paid for by the Workers.keep the "tovarishi "happy.and keep the unis churning out useless "graduates"

  8. My uncle's Art, but he's not into this.


  9. The accompanying link to the DeQuincey Company's Project shows something that looks like a cross between the one minute sculptures of Erwin Wurm (nicely homaged by Red Hot Chilli Peppers in their great video Can't Stop - watch it on YouTube and then look for the Lego version) and Godspell.

  10. I say stop government money going to government cronies. If this art was wanted by people, they would pay for it. That only the government provides money suggests that this is unwanted crap and that, possibly, the "artists" have special relaitionships with the government.