Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back In A Bit

Some chores to do and a little golf to play. Feel free to comment, but don't expect the site updated until tonight.


  1. Your ancestors have no doubt passed down the story that on a morning in November 1821, one E.S. Hall saw a Dog-faced Bunyip with jet-black hair in the marsh running into Lake Bathurst (near Tarago), New South Wales. This sighting followed earlier reports, and to the NSW bunyips the lake is a sacred place. The lake has been dry for many years now, and you may have been concerned that your relatives have disappeared. Happy to say that the lake is filling up again, and locals have taken to watching around the shore lines. I am an occasional visitor to the area, and, bearing in mind your liking of the fermented grape Prof, have told them that any bunyip is more likely to be seen running into Tarago's Loaded Dog Hotel, the only building of any size and character in a town in respect of which the label 'nondescript' seems generous.

  2. You need to ask my permission before you go off golfing.

    1. Sorry Mr Finkelstein your lordship. The Bunyip is only mortal and his Bunyipship is partial to a game of golf. Won't happen again Sir. Begging your pardon sir my lordship.

  3. Rumor mill says:!/userIDtaken/status/177291210396938240

    Gina and Singo to buy 3AW... plausible? You bet!