Monday, March 19, 2012

Stepping Away For A Spell

IT HAS been a miserable summer for those who enjoy the bush, with getaways scrapped and camping gear never leaving its box. But the sun is out today and the urge to get away irresistible.The plan is to be back in two weeks, although that might stretch to three or four.

Thanks to readers and commenters for your support and advice over the past year of resurrected blogging.

Back in April.

PS: Things worth watching:

1/ Will Melbourne Press Club honour Hugh Riminton's ADFA "scoop", despite growing doubts about its accuracy and the self-serving motivation of his leaker, Stephen Smith?

2/ Will the Silly admit it was gulled by Mike Daisey and his lies about Apple?

3/ Will Craig Thomson, who last year absented himself from Parliament to be a good father, run out of malfunctioning organs and doctor's notes to excuse further absences? And if he does, will Phillip Coorey confect fresh justifications for that vacant backbench seat?

and, finally, will the confidential briefing just received from a mole associated with Their ABC come to pass:

"They will advertise for a new Drum editor but the fix is in. [Jonathan] Green is being replaced by a mate and former colleague with impeccable left wing credentials."

Hmmmm. Now who might that be?


  1. Safe and happy travels, Professor.

  2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.March 19, 2012 at 11:01 AM

    Cher Bunyip, given the pace of your output, I'm sure you need a rest and recharge. I hope it's somewhere both peaceful and fun. Some of your dedicated commenters have found it hard to keep up at times, and while my quality may be variable, yours has never flagged.

    New things on the horizen Chez Elizabeth too and so a busy time here in the next few weeks packing. My energies are directed at telling The Ape there's more life at the top for the old boy yet (the money, the money), while I get on with some leisurely writing Chez Boudoir. Blogging, as you know, does have an opportunity cost.

    But awaiting your return.

  3. Have a good break. Meanwhile, WSJ explains how Cicero became a Roman consul in 64BC. Nothing has changed...

  4. May your GOD go with you
    Prof don't shoot any ducks ,or keep any fish ,
    Brown and Levy will HATE you.

  5. Prof. May it all be like Camelot where it only rains after sundown.The billabong and we squarkers will be awaiting your return to hear of tales about large fish, friendly frogs and drinks at the end of the day.
    Go well.

  6. Give the ducks what-for Prof!!!
    I heard that pompous git Hugh Wirth pushing his blood pressure into the red zone on Aunty on Saturday over a few people baggibng their own lunch with a 12 guage.
    Think I might ring in next Saturday and see if I can make his head explode on air.

    Irish Lion

  7. " I will be out of the room for a minute. Talk quietly amongst yourselves"...

  8. Go your hardest Bunyip old mate! You certainly have done sterling service. The thought of you doing a bit of a Clancy does my heart good. Since I am in the inverse position of occasionally NOT being in the bush I rejoice in your keeping an eye on the minutiae for me.

    The one that scares the crap out of me however is the thought of all the well poisoning and corpse booby trapping the Labour "government" are engaging in whilst they hold the salient. What kind of a mess will they leave for the next mob?

  9. Bunyip best wishes for some time in the bush.

    I hope we are still somewhat free when you return. Never assume. The luvvies will note you absence and get up to more tricks without fear of Bunyiptude exposure.


  10. may the fish gather as you approach Professor.

  11. Cheers and thanks for your efforts Professor, they have been great.

    Enjoy your time off. You will be missed by many but not so much by the ones in the crosshairs.

    Look forward to your return, hopefully with some triumphant tales.

  12. Have a great holiday Prof

  13. Sir, proof you are ahead of the curve (as usual).

  14. Just had a look at that team of suspects Prof. Imagine a BBQ with that lot - horrible! And imagine the sycophantic chanting of politically-correct slogans both at work and play.

  15. OK, You have had three days off, thats enough, or you can blog whilst you are on holiday.