Friday, March 2, 2012

They're Demented, Says An Old Fool

IN THE past month, Bob Ellis has copulated ten times, according to his announced and long-standing schedule. Over the same period he also has been screwed three times by The Drum's Jonathan Green.
Round midnight my wife will be home and will put up in these columns a piece on the events of Sunday and Monday and Tuesday which I got by agreement to Unleashed by Wednesday afternoon and they rejected because it was ‘several days late’ and ‘added nothing to our understanding of the events of the day’. This is the third piece in a month they have rejected but not told me they had rejected after asking for it or asking to see it and I suspect them of ill feeling or dementia.
That would be right, Bob. Anyone who thinks you are a drooling old fool with nothing relevant, rational or civil to say just has to be "demented" by definition.

Here is the sexed-up sexagenarian relaxing with his pal and onetime generous patron Mike Rann.
 You can bet The Drum would not have rejected one of David Williamson's essays.


  1. ‘added nothing to our understanding of the events of the day’.

    Wouldn't that describe all of the shameless ol' soak's scribblings?

  2. No one has read Bob Ellis for an understanding of the events of the day since 1987. He is read because he is the Charles Pooter of the 21st century, and his blog is an updated "Diary of a Nobody". It's all there - the self-importance, the desperate namedropping, the complete lack of any awareness of how irrelevant he is.

  3. Lefties can be so cruel.
    Especially to each other these days.

  4. The quoted writings alone explain why he shouldn't be published. Anywhere.

  5. Ha ha!! couldn't have happened to a nastier old leftie ( other than that prig at Latrobe Uni).
    By the way Bunyip, I hope you aren't a bloody socialist golfer - a term I heard for the first time on Wednesday - to this bloke who was constantly pulling it left off the tee.
    Ha Ha.

  6. This from Ellis shows he needs to take his hands out of his pants:

    "It is to be wondered if in the week when Rupert sacked his own son and, weeping, demanded the heads of Bligh and Gillard in a basket as compensation, Newspoll will publish honest numbers, or if they will feed their master’s hectic dementia with SHOCK GAIN TO LIBERALS as they have before.

    The latter, I would think.

    Though any fool now knows, and knows for sure, that Labor is now on fifty-fifty federally, and gaining, and on 47 in Queensland, and gaining, they dare not say so.

    What will they do?

    What will they do?

    They will tell lies, as usual.

    Won’t they.


    I am just so happy."

  7. I remember Bob Ellis from when he was a BMOC at the University of Sydney in the early 60's.
    He's lost a lot of income and patronage with the defeat of the NSW Labor Government and Mike Rann's loss of the SA Premiership.
    But he still strikes terror into the hearts and minds of the Film Festival types, whose careers he can make or break because of his influence and contacts.
    He remains in a limbo between the politicians and the journalists, belonging to neither group and desperately wanting to be seen as a mover and a shaker, not just a clapped-out name-dropper.

  8. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.March 2, 2012 at 7:17 PM

    His poor wife. All I can say. Red braces over a beer barrel tummy in the process of being enhanced is not an attractive look. I could understand more if he had a fascinating mind, but ....

    Shush Lizzie, to each her own.

    1. Shush lizzie we don't all have an Irish lion

  9. There's always the Canberra Times.

  10. The clothes, the pose on the couch, the almost onanistic clasping of the lips about the mouth of the beer bottle... why, it's Sir Les Patterson!!!

  11. "You can bet The Drum would not have rejected one of David Williamson's essays."

    Ouch. That's gotta sting.


  12. Why are you all so down on poor old Bob Ellis?

    He's always good for a laugh every moon or so, when all the sensible blogs have been read,due to his total inability to see when he looks in the mirror what is apparent to all and sundry.

    Looks like even the Drum has decided old hat egotist soaks o longer rate.