Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Bogus Signature

WHEN reader The Dishourable Schoolboy sent along the picture below, pulses raced at the Billabong. Could this be the missing link, the evidence to establish beyond doubt what Craig Thomson was really up to when credit card records suggest he whipped out his purse and wad? Thompson, remember, claims a sly impersonator appropriated his wallet, signature and driver's licence and replaced them before dawn. The impersonator did this a number of times in several different cities.

The clue was not obvious at first, but get up close, stare hard and the naked eye will just make it out.

For those who do not eat their carrots, a little help:

At the point of dashing off a note to thank the Schoolboy for the many years of effort he has put into monitoring photographs like this one, doubt's whisper said it would be best to do some checking. Just as well, too.  It turns out the Member for Midnight has a shutterbug namesake in Canada in the United States, so it could not have been our very own Craig Thomson who steamed up the lens.

Pity. Now we will all have to wait. The mystery of Thomson's rambles will be revealed sooner or later, with any luck in no more than a year or three.


  1. Maybe, just maybe, the Canadian bloke got hold of our Craig's card while visiting Australia. That would explain everything.

  2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.February 16, 2012 at 5:59 PM

    This is Craig's alibi, Prof. He was obviously busy elsewhere, engaged in something similar, but more tasteful.

    In viewing the material (or, in another sense, the lack of it) that you supply, my mind was focussed on the fishnet fashions and their suitability for daily wear, but I doubt that was where the thoughts of most males of the species were applied.

    By the way, Prof, I'm not sure I can prove that I am not a robot under this difficult new publication system below. Males stirred by passion might find the concentration required even more difficult.

  3. Strewth Professor , my brain recalls searching the Melbourne newspapers many moons ago for the hidden hook in Geoff Hook's wonderful cartoons but the thought of you....anyone...searching into the night looking for solace and redemption in the dark surrounds of such an award winning photo.....
    Focus on the main prize, sir !
    Anyway as Anon above has pointed out you have merely opened up the Marcus Einfeld defence to Craig Thomson.

  4. Prof. What I can't understand is the failure of our august investigatory journalists to " cherche la femme" We know which salon de plaisir was involved. How hard can it be to pin down ( forgive the pun) the appropriate lady/ladies

  5. Your informant was obviously a labor staffer. It's a typical long bow attempt to minimise Thomson's problems by raising the whole "Malcolm Fraser missing pants" meme.

    In fact, given the Thatcher article below and Bligh's efforts to link Newman to Joh's 70's corruption, I think we've uncovered the ALP's plans for the next election.

    I can confidently predict that Bill Shorten will blame the New Guard for the job losses at QANTAS.

  6. Strewth, looking at that fine specimen of woman-hood makes me want to whip out my union credit card!

  7. At least we can see where he swiped the HSU credit card...

  8. More photos like this please.

  9. Bit of a minor detail, but "Tacoma, Washington" is several miles south of the 49th Parallel which traditionally demarcates the separation 'twixt Canada and USA.