Monday, February 27, 2012

Staying The Course

BETTER the liar they know.....


  1. Now you're just getting hysterical!

  2. Joy. The turkeys have voted for Christmas.

    She must now lead laybore to the next election, in order to ensure the party's utter destruction.

    That will be her proudest legacy.

    1. No. Christmas is good at least for the kiddies. These turkeys are voting for bird-flu.

  3. Well, that's the right outomce for Mr Abbott. Now we can all sit back and grin at Cameron Thomson..

  4. ... and better the liar we all know! Gillards odds of being prime minister after the next election have just Shorten'd.

  5. Now they are all lying - telling us that they are now unified and the trouble is behind them. All in a matter of hours/days. How stupid do they think the voters are?

  6. It gets better. A zombie named Rob Burgess writes for leftwing business blog(there wasn't such a thing until this zombie government took power) Business Spectator. Under today's headline, "Gillard is now a real threat to Abbott", Burgess shares with us his alternate universe: "This is very bad news for Tony Abbott ... the truth is that a Rudd cabinet would have been easy pickings for Abbott, the master of populist attacks on Labor. A Rudd front bench would been very weak." Only someone on acid could deal with PR spin like that! Or not.

  7. Except for Abbott having another head for his trophy room, why would anyone want Rudd back?

    Abbott will just have to lengthen the to do list to fix up 18 more months of work from the Frank Spencer of Australian politics.

  8. "How stupid do they think the voters are?"

    Seeing as 45% of them would still vote Labor/Greens I think it's safe to say they rightly have a very low regard for the electorate. Australia has the Government it deserves.

  9. PhillipGeorge(c)2012February 27, 2012 at 1:40 PM

    Something particulary demeaning to the national psyche in all this Prof.

    "Once people see the compensation package they are going to accept having been lied to, robbed, cheated, betrayed "

    In some ways the ongoing insult is worse than the original slight.

    It's like having a neighbour's child run over the family dog and then having them offer you a $20 dollar gift voucher to Bunnings. Or having your daughter raped and then having the family of the offender offering to pay for an abortion.

    Craig Emerson as foreign minister? What foreign dignitaries will ask him if she's a goer. Good between the sheets. Does she squeal.

    Australia - laughing stock or victim?

    Written, spoken and authorised, while moving forward with a vision in the National Interest.

    North Korea - your not so bad afterall. Maybe you've got the high moral ground? You don't have the ABC or Julia.

    1. PhillipGeorge(c)2012February 27, 2012 at 2:15 PM

      "you're" right to criticise. How dare morality enter into politics. It's the Journalistic code of silence - what happens at the brothel stays behind the Madame's doors - unless it's a conservative with Liberal preselection.

      But Prof, gravity doesn't sleep, rust is still doing its thing, and Canutes tide inches forward.
      Electricity Prices can only go in one direction with Green insanities and Water is now a "privelege" companies sell us.
      Labor farming "water selling rights" out to private companies is about as deep a betrayal as anything Orwell could dream up - worse, damn them.
      The crippled psyche.

  10. The Old and Unimproved DaveFebruary 27, 2012 at 2:17 PM

    It's not Julia's fault !

    In the Brythonic Celtic languages of Cornish and Welsh, there isn't any simple word for either 'Yes' or 'No'.

    Your answer depends on the form of the question. You usually have to answer using the relevant form of the verb used in the question.

  11. Tom, Burgess is Stephen Mayne's best mate.

    'nuff said.

  12. Labor will dump her before the next election. They know they are finished with Julia at the helm, but the prospect of a reincarnated Rudd is even more troubling.

    The question is, who would want to pick up the poisoned chalice before the next election?

    It's possible that the next ALP Prime Minister has not been born yet.

  13. "Australia - laughing stock or victim?"
    Given the quality of this -
    "Good between the sheets. Does she squeal" - probably both, if that's what you believe is commentary.

  14. What they can't deny ,though they try to whitewash it, is that a piece of fish, a bag of apples, a loaf of bread, the phone connection, the internet subscription, the electricity account, the gas bill, the petrol for the car...all cost the same basic amount no matter what one earns or owns, that is, they CANNOT compensate for the extra costs that the CO2 tax will flood through every link in the supply chain,and the lowest paid and pensioners will LOSe and LOSE!.

    Then there will be more job losses and lack of investment once our main competitive advantage has been bloody -mindedly killed off!

  15. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.February 27, 2012 at 3:18 PM

    'Nothing can seem foul to those that win."

    Henry 1V, King Henry to Prince Hal.

    General Labor philosophy, eh Prof?

  16. I’m not a patient person but I am prepared to wait the 17 months to have my democratic say on the current Collection of Dunderheads and their fatally wounded Red Headed Liar-in-Chief. And, for the first time in my life, I will volunteer my services to Tony and Liberal Party, so I can actively campaign for some sane government.

    And before the usual Labour trolls trot out their usual ill-thought out and complex-analysis-free keyboard attacks, Abbot, could not, under any possible circumstances, be worse.

  17. Someone put a stick up Bolty's spine?

    Gillard wins over a man who probably carries a handbag and all of a sudden, she's a threat.

    She's still a craven liar who stabbed Rudd and the Australian people in the back.

    Labor = done like a rotisserie chicken. Now it's just a matter of whether the salad is potatoe or colesaw.

    1. You'd have find his spine first!
      For all of us who followed him for a while it became obvious a long time ago where his true loyalties lie.

      true, his carelessness earned him a bit of trouble but only by accident.

  18. After a day of infamy in Australian politics it's worth reflecting on the timeline of events that has occured and the major players.

    We all know that Kevin was not going to win. Even he knew it.

    But he had an ace up his sleeve.

    What we didn't know was what he told Gillard about the faceless men who facilitated his demise as PM and how he would spill the beans if she did not remove them.

    The resignation of Mark Arbib on the same day as Kevin's resounding defeat at the hands of the Labor caucus is both stunning in its coincidence and perplexing in its rationale.

    Here was her champion; a man critical in elevating her to the top job. Now in her moment of triumph he chooses to resign.

    Not just from the Senate, but from the entire Parliament, citing "family reasons".

    The Liberal Party has repeatedly highlighted Arbib's highly supportive role in the Craig Thomson affair and the slow(ed) wheels of justice mean we still do not have an outcome.

    Kevin knew this was a pressure point. He also wanted payback.

    Questions need to be asked about what Kevin knew and how forcibly that leverage was applied ahead of today's ballot and the later resignation of Senator Arbib.

    Only a fool would not believe the two were inextricably related.

    Nobody expected Kevin to go quietly, yet in the removal of Mark Arbib from Federal parliament he has exacted a delicious revenge.

    Julia knows what Kevin knew. He told her.

    He also told her that if he didn't step down he would use his knowledge to destroy her.

    Chalk up Round One to Kevin Rudd, Labor backbencher.

  19. She Cannot Help Lying

    The PM’s trying
    to speak the truth this once, but
    she can’t help lying. ...

    Even in her bed
    she can’t lie straight, and we can’t
    trust a word she’s said.

    None now believe her;
    we need a poll to remove
    the arch-deceiver.