Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Drowning In Techno-Woe

TERRIBLE problems beset the Billabong's web connections today, so expect little until later this afternoon. By then, with any luck, the ISP's nerds will have sorted things out.

(Fingers crossed that this goes up before the connection crashes for the 87th time since 6am.)

UPDATE: Problem solved, as should be evident from the post above. As it turned out the ISP was blameless. The cat, however, is firmly implicated. Honestly, who would think to check loose wires first when it is so much fun to abuse a little gentleman in Banglaore?


  1. Bring on the National Billabong Network.

  2. The Old and Unimproved DaveFebruary 15, 2012 at 1:41 PM

    You appear to have fallen prey to Newton's lesser-known Fourth Law, also known as The Law of The Innate Maliciousness of Inanimate Objects.

    Your options are to :

    (a) Launch a retaliatory counter-strike on your router with the blunt object of your choice. Some prefer simple fence palings or tree branches, but the true virtuoso can achieve a satisfactorily outcome with a pensioned-off sand-wedge.

    (b) Address your router in a suitably authoritative voice, ordering it to begin functioning correctly immediately. If it continues to tell you to hit the road, abide by its wish....assuming your throwing arm can indeed reach said road.

    (c) Ensure that the router mode switch is set to 'Good' rather than 'Evil'. If the router is hardwired in 'Evil' mode, proceed to Option 'd'.

    (d) Employ a Network Consultant from your local Herds-Of-Nerds Establishment at a suitably breathtaking fee. Have the $100 banknote ready for when they complete the task five seconds after arrival. At this point, give the secret Mnemonic Handshake, if you know it, for 90% off.

  3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.February 15, 2012 at 7:20 PM

    My router seems to have an aversion to anything on the Sydney Morning Herald, particularly video, which always starts trying to play before I can shut it up. Then everything crashes. Everything on the Oz works fine. A message from the Great Bunyip maybe?

    1. Lizzie, on a serious note, I recommend you use Firefox with the Flashblock and Addblock Plus add-ons. NoScript and Ghostery are also good additions. Google will explain all these.

  4. Are you paying attention to the most importnt being in your house? Felines need lots of love and attention. So hop to it, Prof.

  5. Cats. Nature's saboteurs.

  6. They are crafty fellows these litle gentlemen in Bangalore. They must have some amazing equipment which enables them to look down your wires from their distant vantage point and see a cat looking back at them.

    Crafty fellows indeed.