Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Quality Journalist Explains It All

BLOGGER Dragonista puts a question via Twitter to the Silly's Ben Cubby, who is none too keen on working for Gina Rinehart (links added at the Billabong):

Ben Cubby
 Unfair comparison. Australia's most respected newspapers v a promising but brand-new website. Apples and oranges.
19 minutes ago via webFavorite Retweet Reply  Australia's "most respected newspapers"? Good heavens!


  1. An even better question - why can't the originator of the largest single political donation in Australia see value in owning Fairfax shares as an investment opportunity ? Surely he and a few like him could join forces and buy up FXJ shares so that Gina can't get them. He would truly become the Age's benefactor, and the staff would know beyond doubt that they are part of a sheltered workshop.

    Apologies to real sheltered workshops, who are actually profit-seeking and productive, unlike the Age.


    1. PhillipGeorge(c)2012February 2, 2012 at 8:16 PM

      I've mentioned this before; but if one goes back a few years in the medical literature - as is constituted by actual medical notes on live patients one will encounter HMO's use of the word FITH syndrome. It is an easy google away.
      Why are these people as they are? You know, Age readers and writers.
      Historically scientifically sociologically illiterate?
      Bunyip - I've been mulling over Geoffrey Blainey's brief history of Christianity - aka Western Civilisation. While the Axis might be about to enter into a mother of all wars with Iran based on their leader's expectations of conflagrations and apocalypse in Allah's bringing them a 12th Imam. I thought I'd just remind you
      1. the only communism that ever worked was that wrought around monastic and convent living. And hundreds of thousands of people lived this way.
      2. Darwin was/ is wrong - period. For most of these two thousand church years people were mainly comfortable with a widely held self evident fact: God can and does work miracles. When He wants - period. Sparsely perhaps, but enough to have created everything.
      3. Experience/ science might be useful, but men are men, and that is a limiting feature.

      So Bunyip. Why buy the Age? To write to the writers. Why Blog? To write to the writers.
      There is hope Bunyip and Gina's cheque book has some excellent potential.
      The years of a nearly 12th Imam could be bigger than you pictured them to be?

  2. A rather loose headline has made its way to print this morning, hoping Gina brings some standards of decency with her.

    "Sex attacker taps teen on busy road"

  3. Ben, my boy, that was a real tummy rumbler! Keep 'em comin'!


  4. 'Australia's most respected newspapers'???

    Cubby is surely delusional.

    I think Abbott should foreshadow Gina as Chair of the Board of the ABC and really put the frighteners up the Luvvies!

    Problem with their nightmares, of course, is that you have to believe in False Consciousness and not in Cognitive Dissonance to think that an evil media lord (or lady) can control the minds of the proles in an open democracy, even if they did exercise close hands-on control.

    You need to kind of political system that surrounds young Kim-jong Fat to come close.

  5. Can't they see that every time they imply that Gina owning a chunk of shares is going to change the output of the papers, we infer that current management is publishing an agenda?
    If they're just printing the news, then nothing will change because world, national and local events won't change.

  6. They are talking about 14% of shares ownership!!

    No doubt none of THEM have any Fairfax or News Ltd for that matter, shares!
    They couldn't be that hypocritical could they?

    Must be the same alarmist fools who took a half % increase in global temperatures as being a dire and imminent threat to us all, while they nevertheless fly with ease across the world with all its time and climate zones!

  7. Fairfax is so respected people are afraid to buy the papers as it might be disrespectfully to offer money to these respected papers and cause offence.

  8. "Most respected" haha best laugh in ages. It's like the ABC saying "most trusted"

  9. Cubby needs to get out more and definitely not stand in a breeze.

  10. There's not a man amongst them, is there? Not one of them has the guts to stand up and say to her: "Bring it on!"

    Cubby would have had my respect if he'd said that he's fine with her owning 14%, and can't wait for the shit fight that ensues. Instead he hides behind his mother's drawers and cowers like the frightened mouse he is.

  11. *** Completely Off-Topic Warning ***

    Mr. George 2012 (copyright noted and acknowledged). Your post above regarding the 12th Imam, while quite off-topic, brought to mind a book I recently read by author Joel Richardson regarding al-Mahdi, a summation of which can be found at

  12. "Not our sort of people, dear. Not our sort at all."