Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Dill And The Missing Link

That darn A Dill Horin, what a disappointment she is! As we all know, A Dill is very good at copying and pasting, which often seem her greatest talents. Yet here we are with another Saturday column and somehow – and this is very hard to understand – she neglects to transcribe a perfectly good quote and share it with her Silly readers.

In examining why parents kill their children, A Dill begins her thoughts with some quotes from the animal Ramazan Acar, who has just been denied an appeal against the life sentence he was handed last year for disembowelling two-year-old daughter, Yazmina. As A Dill notes, Acar murdered the little girl to punish his estranged wife, and she demonstrates as much by quoting from his postings on Facebook, where Acar taunted her for several hours before taking up the knife.

“'Bout 2 kill ma kid”, Acar wrote, followed shortly after by “Pay bk u slut.” Later in her column, A Dill mines another quote from the trial:
Ramazan Acar's motives were spelt out on Facebook, in texts and phone calls that [motherr] Ms D'Argent received even while in a police station with officers who listened in as their colleagues tried to hunt him down. ''I killed her to get back at you,'' Acar said. ''I don't care. Even if I go behind bars, I know you are suffering.''
Acar did say that, no doubt about it. But he also said this, the quote A Dill mysteriously neglected to share:
"U wanted to convert ma kid do it u wanted to lock me up I did it u wanted 2 b indapendant do it u take full custdy do it u wana kill me il do it wat eva makes u happy nw tel me".
Yes, Acar is Muslim and his ex-wife Christian. Now it is unfair to focus too much on that difference of faiths, especially as A Dill lists several other murderous parents for whom religion does not seem to have been an issue.

But still, given that the quote was free of charge and its use would have required no further effort on the columnist’s part than the customary Control + C, why not toss that fact into the mix?

Do you think it could be, just could be, because that information might have diminished the appeal of multiculturalism?


  1. "Do you think it could be, just could be, because that information might have diminished the appeal of multiculturalism?"

    The omission borders on journalistic misconduct.

    What a filthy religion is Multiculturalism and what a disgusting bunch are its adherents.

    Abhorin should be made to recognize this omission, as her readers deserve to know and respect for the dead little girl demands it.

  2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.February 4, 2012 at 11:20 PM

    Medea to Jason of Argonaut fame, as she holds up the bodies of their two sons whom she has just killed: "I have done it, because I loathed you more than I loved them". Nothing much changed there in thousands of years, Professor, as Euripides tells the tale.

    Add a religion of fear and loathing to the mix and the brew becomes very potent indeed: an extra factor which helps explicate this dreadful murder more fully. Not the whole story, but worth mentioning, Adelle, just as Medea's whole story explicates her emotions and their origins.

  3. Multiculturism will never begin to pall for Adele as she never will suffer its negative aspects.

    Its just the positive ones for Adele and her ilk,like interesting new ethnic restaurants.

  4. Ms. Dill sings from the songsheet of multiculturalism. There are many many cases of "honour killing" which are never reported as such, the general label of domestic violence is applied. Even though in this sad and horrific case, the first reason given for the murder is the mother's intention to "convert" the child, and in Islam, apostasy is a death sentence.

    Multiculturalists will never recognise nor acknowledge this reality. It's not a racial issue, it's ideological - some ideologies are just completely at odds with western civilization.

  5. Sorry not quite on topic but it is The Phage.

    A tangle of threads this one.

    The woman who claimed Theo Theophanous raped her is suing The Age claiming their report of an interview with her was an invention by journalist Carolyn Webb.

    The woman, unnamed, was convicted of criminal defamation in a Greek court and sentenced to 2 years suspended. Hence her grievance.

    "Mr Theophanous was charged and subsequently cleared of the offence" - so she did (+DP) bring rape charges against him: a death knell regardless, though it seems The Age's front page story was cited as being a major contribution to Theo's defamation.

    Theo was defamed; Age is asked to pay the defamer! (more like Theo was 'raped', the only one in the whole affair)

    As I recall Theo's defence wiped the court room floor with her. Why wasn't she charged with making a false rape complaint? Yeah I know...

    1. I'm sorry but this is probably an interesting comment but frankly I don't understand it. Could David expand as I'd like to know what this is about.

  6. The muslim child-killer was featured by Horin, but she chose to include only photos of Anglo child-killers.


    1. Let's cut her a little slack much as it irks me. It is more likely the photos were chosen by an earnest sub-editor, further evidence of an ingrained (multi)cultural bias at that particular journal.

    2. You would be right (sorry - correct) but I dount whether she would have argued the toss.

  7. La Horin was ever inclined to a dim view of Australians vis a vis the more sophisticated foreigners. We remember her anecdotes about her chats with French fiends sur le pave, and their concise dismissements of zis mob.
    We look forward to a day when she constructs a column containing both some original thought and some respect for her fellow Australians - ones with old-fashioned Anglo forebears and no pretentiousness.
    Omitting such a key piece of information from her piece is, when discovered, damning evidence of manipulation - something we have become increasingly aware of as journalism takes on partisan political stripes. Feminists still have a mountain to climb in the shape of Islamic honour killings and FGM. They show little enthusiasm for the task, being comfortable in the space they have hollowed out for themselves in this nurturing society. - one which they still see as inferior to the multicultural utopia.

    1. @Blogstrop.
      People like Anne Summers, Eva Cox, Adele Horin et al are multiculturalists first and foremost.

      They only support women's rights when the issue doesnt impinge on their mulitculturalist beliefs.

      If an issue of women's rights comes up against multiculturalism,like FGM, they will sell women out so fast it will take your breath away.

      This kind of ideological schizophrenia is common amongst these women who have the hide to call themselves feminists.

      They may have been once but now are nothing of the sort,they sold women out a long time ago.

  8. It never fails to amaze me that these 'journalists', people who are supposed to be reporting the stories leave so much out.

    If she can copy and paste so well, why doesn't she paste the relevant parts out of the Reliance of the Traveller that deal with these situations?

    (I did it last year and on re-reading it I note that I linked to the Good Professor. How wonderfully circuitous!)

  9. I can never forget the column when Adele was looking forward to having a young French guest to stay, but worrying whether someone used to discussing Diderot and Foulcould (sp) would be at home with the unsophisticated Australian monoculture.