Monday, February 6, 2012

But Can It Run A Website?

IF Monica Attard gets a wriggle-on, she can add another quality recruit to Graeme Wood's payroll. A perfect fit for the Global Mail, one would think: Determined to make life difficult for motorists and cars, a vegetarian eager to swallow just about anything, and only a little bit stinky. The perfect hire. Should fit right in.


  1. You are a naughty fellow Bunyip. I do recall chuckling on a Lefty blog-site recently of readers lamenting why there are no newspaper tycoons who are of the Left persuasion. Perhaps Graeme Wood is their first - and last.

  2. It should have been roadkill weeks ago. It can't be a goat. I'm leaning toward it being a supernatural entity, possibly a Bunyip (no pun intended). Does it have a feathery back as per the William Buckley description?

  3. It's a marevellous website. For instance, did you know that we are using infinite amounts of electricity that we don't need? Or that we are morally superior to the US because they like grid iron and we like Aussie Rules? That the official Australian history of Islamism to date has been nothing but hysteria? That 'moderate' Islam could happily rule Egypt? Or that investors in Mongolia are of the 'filthy' rich kind?

    I typed 'Christianity' into their (rather nifty) search engine and scored exactly nothing. Typing 'Islam' gave me 5 feature stories.