Friday, February 10, 2012

Have Fun With Flannery

THE wonderful Judith Sloan notes that Tim Flannery will be climate commissioning in Tasmania very soon and wonders if Catallaxy readers might care to pop along to one or both of his revival meetings in Hobart and Launceston. The natural instinct will be to give Flannery a bit of stick, but it might be a good idea to think twice about that approach and perhaps take another tack.

Rather than calling Bone Man to account for his dud predictions, why not play his game and punch the climate alarm for all it's worth? Stand up and sob for Gaia, make a real exhibition of yourself. Hog the microphone to fret and wail about the link between earthquakes and temperature. Insist that the ABC is hiding the truth about climate change, the grim reality being that the Mayan prophecies say this year will see the end of the world. Suggest wine corks be re-cycled to stopper flatulence in cows and humans, or swear blind you have proof of the Zionist Entity doctoring thermometers to hide the truth.

Yes, it would be silly, but so is Flannery, who is only just smart enough to make sure he gets paid. So turn out and give the warmists what they love -- fear and panic and frothing hysteria. Flannery & Co will not know if you are serious, as his bona fide admirers are even more ridiculous. Just keep a straight face and peddle all the BS a fertile imagination can muster. That approach has certainly turned a nice dollar for the evenings' host.

And don't forget to bring a camera. A little video footage is bound to be a YouTube hit.


  1. Flannel head is in good company with the other Dickhead Liars , gabby GiLIARd and the other alp clowns .All those clowns and no real circus,except ringmaster brown

  2. Indeed, Bunyip.

    'Truth' in this instance, could well be stranger than fiction!

  3. The Old and Unimproved daveFebruary 10, 2012 at 9:39 PM

    Tin foils hats to keep out the thought control waves are obviously de rigueur, but given the audience, should one also go with the tin underpants ?

  4. And how many quaffing dry reds founded this post? I don't think a fulsome apology is anticipated for this one.

    Mind you Bunyip, I attended Flannel Pants' nemesis' book launch in Perth last night, one Ian Plimer, and quaffed a couple of cheeky reds. Barnaby was supposed to do the intros but he was unavoidably detained at his home town due to martial law being imposed in his flooded habitat. Not to mind, IP was lecturing the choir, and the venue, the Constitutional Centre of Western Australia, would have been to posh for the usual rabble of Gillardians to disrupt.

    The usual caravaners were there too - and as IP, Ron Manners et al were dolled up in black tie, further posh functions following the launch were to occur.

    As I am a philistine not receiving an invitation to don penguin suit suited.

    Cutting to the chase, Ian Plimer asked me what agenda the usual suspects will drive now that the CO2 scam has pfaffed, uncontrolled party-balloon like, into the sky - he thinks ocean acidification; me, sustainability issues enumerated via the UN Agenda 21 statement.

    Perhaps your billabongers might be prompted to offer alternatives?

  5. There’s no need to take our own cameras. In the message confirming my seat for the Hobart show I was informed, “Please note the forum will be filmed and photographed for use by the Commission.”
    The commission, surely, will be only too glad to release everything it films or photographs to the public.

    1. I’ve just received the following message:

      “Your seat is reserved! I’m looking forward to meeting you next Tuesday at 5.30pm, at the Climate Commission's forum at the Town Hall in Hobart.
      “We know that the climate is changing, which has far reaching implications for Tasmania. The decisions we make in the next decade will shape our future and the future of our kids and grandkids. That’s why it is so important that we come together on opportunities like this to learn and to find solutions.
      “The Commission will be running two community forums on this visit – Launceston on the 21st, and Hobart on the 22nd. These forums are a great opportunity to ask the questions you want answered.
      “We have already received a number of really great questions:
      “Elizabeth from Hobart asked ‘What do you think will be the most important aspect of climate change for Tassie - increasing temperatures, changes in rain patterns or something else?’
      “Matt from Launceston asked ‘What can we be doing as residents and community members?‘
      “Do your friends and family have any questions they want answered on climate change? Invite them along!
      “We’ll also be launching a new report during our visit - The Critical Decade: Tasmanian Impacts and Opportunities. The report highlights some of the unique impacts that the Tasmanian community faces, as well as some of the specific opportunities that can be embraced as we change the way we do things. You’ll be able to grab a copy of this report at our community forums, or download it from our website from the 21st of February.
      “We are very much looking forward to the forum and to seeing you there.
      “Tim Flannery
      “Chief Climate Commissioner”

  6. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.February 10, 2012 at 10:29 PM

    Sounds like a job for Super Lizzie, Prof. Super Lizzie occasionally enjoys roaring into a richly deserving scene with some creative hysteria and a personal display of rising indignation. The consternation caused is always fun, especially if a quick getaway is planned. And all in such a good cause. With an excellent Bunyip Script already to hand.

    Sadly, Super Lizzie does not fly into Tassie for a spot of R & R until well after this little event. Maybe Super Someone Else will take up the slack.

  7. I agree Professor. We are living in the Glory Days! There is so much merriment to be had with Climate Change belief that its a crime not to waste this God given moment that nature has provided. Its a once in a millennium opportunity to poke fun at our smug Gaia smitten brethren. Rejoice in the moment of foolishness. It doesn't come around too often like Kerry Packer remarked on Alan Bond. So relish the moment. Before you know it, Gillard and her minions will be gone - reason will again dawn and dull is that? Make haste!

  8. I suspect you have previously gotten into the ear of a young Q&A audience member, a youth ambassador or what not, who pleaded teary eyed to the panel for immediate action in place of talk to prevent the impending doom. Amusement was mixed with embarrassment knowing most everyone in the room except her knew of the scam.

  9. Poor old Tassie! I just got back from a holiday there and every other business has a For Sale sign on the window. Tasmanians are saying " Since Election Now you in rest rest of the nation know what we have been putting up with for the last 20 years!" The brightest and best have moved to where the jobs are. The reverse flow are all wind chime refugees from suburbia doing "sea changes" bringing with them rabid tree hugging and mushroom gobbling.

    Parents telling me thier kids come home from school having been taught Daddy is some kind of ogre because he works in a Primary Industry. The ratbaggery of the Greens knows no bounds.

  10. Louis,

    Coal Seam Gas is the next big lie. Farmers have their fears of things new well lubricated by Greens intent on forcing everyone to live in caves sans electricity.

    Like the ALP used the obliging Tent Embassy aboriginies, so the Greens are using the unwitting farmers in order to push their own barrow.

  11. Helen: You're not wrong about that. Look what beat ABC catastropharian Wendy Carlisle, a serial twister of facts, is now covering:

    "... CSG and dodgy breast implants my beat right now"

    It's a tweet from a few hours ago:!/Wendycarlisle/status/167942913244934145

    1. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.February 12, 2012 at 10:41 AM

      Should be "Brain implants. I've got one too"

  12. I've been given to thinking, while quaffing not a dry red but a cold chunk of garlic bread, that Tasmania, not WA, would be a top candidate for succession. Think if the number of problems inflicted that would solve!

    I have it all envisaged: Tasmania renames itself New Sodom and casts off the anchors heading for the back door entrance to Gaia's heart. Dr. Robert, fresh from his inauguration as Pompous Pilot, navigating in the way common to Polynesian men in canoes. A new flag is unveiled, two porcupines, for they are prickly, holding aloft a blue globe with a big smile painted on it; foretelling the imminent raising of sea levels to inundate all land masses (aside from the floating New Sodom, of course!). The worker-peasants growing their subsistence backyard crops of mung beans, yields enhanced by their tertiary qualifications in sociology and antiquities! They sing loudly and proudly "Kumbayah!" War and strife would all be things of the Dark History; forever forgotten, for Land is at the heart of such things and no-one will own the land for that is tantamount to the rape of Gaia!

    We unbelievers on the mainland would be left to fend for ourselves, with none of the New Sodomites remaining to convince us to repent our wicked, horrible, earth-scarring ways. After a few years, an Emissary, Professor Tim, for he has given up the Panasonic moniker, returns to these shores to inspect the ruins of Babylon and determine if there is anything to salvage. Unfortunately, all of the Australian Megafauna is already extinct! With renewed conviction that the Sodomite way is the Left way, Professor Tim and his eco-missionaries return to their bliss and ecstasy that is New Sodom, our glorious future!

    1. Succession? Not all Tasmanians—a mere, mindless minority—share the monotonous, enviro-mental, neo-Malthusian, misanthropist, misanthracist, mean-minded, myopic, mealy-mouthed, maleficent, mulcting manias of the Green movement.
      Secession, however, well ...

  13. I know you cannot yell fire in a theatre. But are you allowed to yell fire in full crematorium?

  14. I'm guessing that dressing up like Alene Composta would be a bit too obvious.

  15. I couldn't agree more Professor Bunyip. Just as the Australian Government covered up the bombing of Darwin to avoid panic in Australia, no doubt the Australian Government is now covering up the true extent of climate change to avoid mass panic. I'm sure 'Free Lunch' Flannery would nod along.

  16. Alfred, my son, and I have just returned from the Hobart climate meeting. Alfred was unable to ask his question during the “conversation”—there was, except for two sceptical queries, a conga-line of pious dorothy dixers instead—but he encountered Flannery afterwards.
    Alfred asked, “What if you’re wrong about AGW?”
    Flannery responded, “What’s AGW?”
    Alfred said, “Anthropogenic global warming; you know, man-made.”
    Flannery replied, “Oh, yeah. If we’re wrong, at the very least, we’ll have cleaner air because carbon dioxide and burning coal is bad, and we’ll have better energy.  If we’re right we’ll have all the other benefits.”
    Alfred asked when Brisbane will run out of water and Flannery stated, “Within the next couple of years.”
    (Alfred also scored two head tilts and an extended blink during his brief chat.)

  17. Credulously accepting the reasoning of Climate Commissioner Will Steffen, who asserts that Tasmanian sea-levels will continue to rise at the same steady rate over the next century, I have calculated that if the rates continue unchecked because of our reluctance to reduce “carbon emissions”, Tasmanian seas will completely extinguish the sun within 150,000,000,000 years.

    1. OMG why doesn't someone do something.