Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Global Crab

THE Globular Mail isn't impressing the pros. No comments, no links to source material, and its crab-like sideways crawl is rated a huge annoyance. Here is one observation from the Technology Spectator's critique:
If Global Mail readers wish to provide feedback or comment or add to a story they must email the publisher. “Please note that while we appreciate all feedback, we do not guarantee all letters will appear on the website,” proclaims the site – as if it's readers had dipped nib into ink and crafted their comment on parchment. The Global Mail’s stated desire to step back from the “breathless 24/7 news cycle” is admirable and should help ensure a high standard of quality. But applying old media models that drive one-way conversation to a new media platform won’t help the Global Mail build a loyal following.
Also interesting is author Charis Palmer's news that patron Graeme Wood owns most of Hunted Media, the outfit responsible for the Global Mail's, er, innovative horizontal design. So, not only does Wood list the "impartial" Global Mail as his email address on forms declaring seven-figure donations to the Greens, he also is supporting the site out of one pocket and slipping the development cash into another.
If Gina Rinehart begins to make her presence felt at Fairfax, we can expect to hear lots of luvvie suggestions that the company be wrested from her control and run as an employee co-operative. Few luvvies have to balance books, pay taxes or meet a weekly payroll, but they always imagine their unique brand of competence would see things done better. This may be because luvvies enjoy nothing so much as a good meeting, but their compulsion to rabbit on in the company of the like-minded is a topic for another day.
They should keep an eye on the developing, gold-plated debacle that is the Global Crab and think again -- if they have ever thought before, that is.
Oh, and if you want a prediction, mark this one: Very soon we are going to see lots of sniping from other leftoids. Nothing gets a luvvie more angry than the thought of a fellow luvvie doing better, especially if money is involved. See, for example, Lavatory Pronto's Mark Bahnisch's gripe that the fix was in when Crikey's Jonathan Green assumed the post of The Drum's editor. Bahnisch also wanted the job, you see. Not even Margaret Simon's assurances that the selection was above aboard entirely calmed the Lavatorian's suspicions of being dudded.

WELL THAT DIDN'T TAKE LONG: As predicted, the first miffed luvvies are piling on.


  1. Stay tuned for 'Friends of Fairfax' soon, Prof.

  2. Bunyip,

    Again, thanks for the efforts you put in wading through all this utter crap so that I don't have to.

    As if reading the insane rantings of barkin' betty and the regurgitations of adill horror aren't enough.

    You'll be known as Professor Bunyip OAM in time, Squire.

    Until then, keep on wading!

  3. The world is becoming global.

  4. I loved their article on housing in Moranbah where houses bought 10 years ago for $8,000 now sell for ten times as much, $800,000. New age maths I guess. Next person to be hired should be a proof-reader.

  5. Has Self-Obsession become the common-cold of the left?

    The theater blog was all so self serious and puffed up, I thought folks like there were just pretend stereotypes of the modern world .. thanks.

    We are such a wealthy country we can afford to have folks talking out of their navels, incredible that the real world has no place in their tiny thoughts.

  6. Re the miffed luvvie's report - for how long has the Fin Review been a broadsheet?

  7. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.February 7, 2012 at 9:11 PM

    Hell hath no fury like a luvvy who lost.

  8. The only good thing about the Global Fail is that it will continue to soak up this rich leftie luvvie's money for some time into the future (as will frantic hand-over-fist donations to the Australian Greens). Let it - sooner or later, the fact that he is not getting a return for his investment* will sink in, at which point he will stamp his foot and scream like a spoiled child, blaming everyone but himself.

    * = this return being money in his pocket or the re-election of the Labor/Greens abomination. Strike out that which does not apply.

  9. Running a web site like a brick-and-mortar newspaper? Why did no-one think of this before?


  10. Attard was just on 3LO in Melbourne, claiming that The Global Mail would not come from a leftist perspective, but would be "straight down the line." Yeah right. Jon Faine was smart enough to ask her if they would allow readers to comment, and she sniffily admitted that they wouldn't. Very democratic of them.

  11. Why didn't Wood gazump Gina and just buy the Silly himself?