Monday, February 20, 2012

Morton's Reliably Unreliable Source

IT'S official.

Tim Flannery is given to "overreach and self-contradiction", according to Phage eco-warrior-in-chief Adam Morton's review of the climate commissioner's new book, which details Bone Man's hairy-chested adventures on sundry Pacific isles.

Mind you, Morton's faith in Flannery remains undiminished:
At the heart of the book is the celebration and demystification of the act of science - the laying of nets and traps, animal wrangling, collection of samples and slow building on the sum of human understanding. In an age when respect for science is diminishing, it is a reminder that knowledge is hard-earned.

That "science" and "understanding"? The cause of "demystification" might be advanced if green publicists masquerading as journalists were a little more sceptical of those given to "overreach and self-contradiction".


  1. "animal wrangling"......... Flannery trying to position himself as a re-born Steve Irwin !!!

    Bring on the sting-rays

  2. The Old and Unimproved DaveFebruary 20, 2012 at 8:58 AM

    Overreach ?

    I'm still surprised that Tim hasn't followed the hubris of La Terreur and renamed the months of the year.

    Perhaps he feels that it would be infra dig for Australia to have only 31 days of 'Flannuary' instead of 365 ......

  3. Adam Morton is a rolled-gold Flummeryite. The non-climate scientist who overreaches and engages in self-contradiction can do no wrong in Adam's eyes. It's pathetic IMHO.

  4. The act of science? What a ridiculous phrase.The word has been devalued and grossly misrepresented by journalists whose aim must be more in the realm of propaganda than science. It has become a term more akin to liturgical dogma, and we who dare to disagree with climate alarmists can be labelled as deniers and unbelievers. What a farce.

  5. For green publicists to become sceptical means to become intelligent - fat chance that happening, since it's why they are green in the first place.

  6. "Bring on the sting-rays"

    What an appalling thing to say. This illustrates perfectly just what sort of people are attracted to this blog. You certainly bring out the worst in people, Mr Bunyip.

  7. Hammy: Thank you, Hammy. One does one's best.

  8. He admits Flannery was out of his depth on climate as he's a palaeontologist, and a good one at that (it's said, and he well might be), though never is the question raised of what motivated a bone digger to take up the role of climate crusader. More gravy Mr Morton?

    Filed under "fake but accurate".

  9. Oh, won't anyone think of the stingrays? (wrings hands)

  10. If it hurts too much, Hammy:


  11. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.February 20, 2012 at 3:54 PM

    I don't listen to talk-back radio much, but did drop in and hear this morning on 2UE a deserving new way to measure old-fashioned inches of rain in a backyard rain gauge: you now do it in Flannerys. Six Flannerys or more fell overnight in some parts of Sydney. A miracle, of course.