Monday, February 6, 2012

We'll All Just Have To Wait

THE GLOBAL MAIL will just keeping better and better and better. Tomorrow's scoop:
Aubrey Belford reports on a surprise growth industry in Mongolia: shamans.
 The public has a right to know!

UPDATE: The prospect of a 7,000-word investigation of fetish-shaking in Ulan Bator is so exciting that only a therapeutic nine holes will calm such excitement. Back later.   


  1. Mongolian Death Worms have been quiet in the news lately. I do hope Aubrey keeps us abreast of the latest developments in this area. Come to think of it they would be rather more interesting than frick'n shamans.

    1. Herb and Judy ApocalypseFebruary 6, 2012 at 10:34 PM

      Those man eating sandworms have been multiplying profusely in recent years in the Gobi. That's why everybody now travels exclusively by train, or those high off the ground 4x4s. The sprawling yurt cities of rural peasants now surrounding Ulan Baatar are evidence of this. The odd stumbling, bleeding piss-pot and drag-racing rap-singing non-white white supremacist Aryan Genghis Khan devotee is the result of the big sandworm march. I look forward to what the sha men/women have to say.

  2. For all justice loving Australians Piers Ackerman had an article yesterday about the long running Heiner affair

    A bit of cut and paste
    Meticulously prepared allegations of the most serious misconduct by some of the nation’s most senior public officers, including the Governor General Quentin Bryce, the Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, and a raft of Queensland jurists have been received by every member of the Senate.
    The allegations were contained in the Rofe Audit of the long-running Heiner Affair and e-mailed to every Senator on Australia Day.

    Please take the time to read and e mail your Senator asking what he/she intends to do

    For more background here’s the heiner affair website

  3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.February 6, 2012 at 7:58 PM

    Hope you have a spiritual ole game, Prof, as per your Catallaxy Open Thread comment on the eucumenical variety to be found in your emotional responses to its challenges.

  4. Ah, woe is me. I've just read (some) of that piece on Mongolia and can only conclude that the Mongolians may as well commit mass suicide, as there is just no hope there. Capitalists on one side, Chinese miners on the other, Nazis in the middle. Oh woe, woe, what of those poor (organic) goat's milk producers? Those salt-of-the-earth nomads living the utopian dream in their freezing, leaky tents?
    Actually as I was flicking through page after page of this boring misery I started to wonder whether I was just clicking around in a circle and the article had no beginning or end. A few frantic clicks later and thankfully I came to the dreary conclusion. If that's what you'd call it.

  5. Don't be so cynical. You never know it might boost circulation, especially if it's yak delivered to the door-steppe complete with handy Green recycling hints like- Cover the dirt in your yurt and a recipe or two for adding yakpoo to make home made linoleum and the like.


  6. You've just got to think inside the round.