Monday, August 1, 2011

Big Kev Redux

IF YOU plan on catching Q&A tonight, try not to think about this TV classic:

Also, make a point to banish all thoughts about hairdressers, appointments with hagiographers, gastro-pub meals or 173 Victorians incinerated before dessert hit the table. Instead, to get in that ABC state of mind, focus on gender discrimination, "fattism" and how, with some people, it is always somebody else's fault.


  1. Q&A panel top heavy with conservatives again. I look forward to ABC broadcasting some tweets from C Deveny regarding Dutton...

  2. It'll be all about how it's Murdoch's fault, and how Abbott is doing Murdoch's bidding. Deveny will put this in more subdued terms.

  3. If she'd cut the crime rate, people would be willing to forgive her. After all, what can a Chief Commissioner really do in such an emergency?

    But when you ignore crime, march in gay parades, and turn police into tax collectors in uniform, be ready for everyone to take you down when they get the chance.

    I just hope one day she is the victim of an ethnic gang. The same gangs she denies exist.

  4. "Q&A panel top heavy with conservatives again."

    Yes, having one conservative on the show, Peter Dutton, certainly counts as top heavy considering that slot could have been given to someone from the Greens.

  5. Victoria's answer to Chief Wiggum deserves nothing but scorn and close scrutiny.