Sunday, August 28, 2011

Windsor's Whoppers

TWELVE months after it (allegedly) happened, Tony Windsor recalls an off-colour remark by Tony Abbott – a memory the Phage chooses to invest with credence and amplify. Well, what do you expect? The paper’s preferred PM is looking increasingly like the Wreck of the Hesperus, and not solely for the breadth of her beam, so any little distraction will serve to direct attention away from all her troubles, especially the latest.

Problem is, Windsor is a liar. Just ask former Deputy PM John Anderson

And of course the Age mentions Windsor’s earlier smear not at all


  1. Bruce Hawker's cousin. Say no more.

  2. Naughty Mr Windsor...

    SA:Abbott denies comment about PM's job Independents Abbott

    ADELAIDE, Aug 28 AAP - Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has dismissed Independent MP Tony Windsor's claim that he told him the only thing he would not do to become prime minister was ``sell his arse''.

    Mr Abbott said while he wanted to form government after last year's election, that was not the sort of language he would use.

    ``I don't speak like that,'' he told reporters in Adelaide on Sunday.

    ``People who know me know that I don't speak like that.

    ``Sure, after the election, I wanted to secure government because I wanted to save our country from what was already a bad government.

    ``I engaged in negotiations to the best of my ability but I think that some of the people I was negotiating with had already made up their minds.''

    In a series of interviews with independent MPs to mark the anniversary of their decision to back Labor in a minority government, Mr Windsor said he felt alarm and pity when Mr Abbott revealed how deeply he wanted the job of prime minister.

    ``I remember him saying 'Tony, I would do anything for this job. The only thing I wouldn't do is sell my arse, but I'd have to give serious thought to it','' Mr Windsor told Fairfax media.

    Asked why Mr Windsor would make such a statement, Mr Abbott said that was a ``question for him''.

    But he also pledged to continue to treat the independents in federal parliament with respect and courtesy, as he had in the past.

    ``I'm not sure it's been reciprocated but I've always treated them with respect and courtesy and that's the way I intend to continue,'' he said.

    Opposition education spokesman Christopher Pyne said the coalition's relationship with the independents was as good as it could possibly be.

    He said that relationship was reflected in the number of votes won by the coalition in parliament, with the support of the independents.

    ``The crossbenches are starting to get very concerned that they are also part of a very bad government,'' he said.

  3. Let's get this straight - Windsor reports Abbott said, "The only thing I won't do is sell my arse," and after that coalition negotiations with the independents broke down?

  4. Abbott was willing to offer a hospital here, a school there, to the independents. What he wasn't willing to do was compromise national policy and go back on election promises.

    Add to that Oakshott and Windsor seeming to have already made up their minds, it is no wonder he broke off negotiations.

  5. Abbott should say that Windsor is obviously concerned what will happen when an election is finally called, and he doubts that Windsor will have the courage to face his electorate when the time comes.

  6. All you had to do was ask Sinclair about Windsor , one then understood his hatred ( undeserved ) for the Libs , Windsor would eat sh.. Literally , rather than have the LNP in office , how little he thinks of his electorate can be judged by the thumbing of his nose , what a stinker !

  7. Is this the indulgent "independent" who was bleating about Abbott not keeping the bargain he made to try to get the indulgents, er, independents on side?