Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Beat Goes On

ANOTHER ranga comes out for alternative energy:

The University of Western Australia's Dr Stephan Lewandowsky did not stop at the solar array. He went out the gate, up the road and right around the bend. Here is the professor of psychology's latest video guide to seeing through sceptics' tricks.

The campaign for hearts and minds is working -- the youth are down with it. Yo!


  1. Lewandowsky should host media watch. He's onto something there...

  2. Lewandowsky's what, a prefessor?

    He's hilarious, I can just imagine what a hoot his lectures are - if he deigns to teach any longer.

  3. And we actually pay him for this? Right.....

  4. Introduces himself as 'Professor Stephan Lewandowsky' - what a prat.