Monday, August 1, 2011

Wendy's (Other) Wonderland -- Part IV

IT is not just nefarious climate deniers and Bunyips in the pay of Big Carbon who think that, as a journalist, Background Briefing's Wendy Carlisle makes a first-rate propagandist. The mouthpiece for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Sandi Logan, shares that opinion:
Sandi Logan
A sniffy Carlisle fires back:
Wendy Carlisle which Logan responds:
Sandi Logan
You call it spin when you don't like what you read; you patronise when you're wrong, & are corrected. Nice. Journalism 101?
Please, Sandi, you really must stop highlighting Carlisle's deficiencies. Poor Jonathan Holmes has enough already to ignore tonight.

UPDATE:  At Catallaxy, Judith Sloan writes of the ABC, a debate with Mark Scott (ABC supremo, ex-Fairfax chief Fred Hilmer's godson and --no nepotism there -- former Fairfax high-flier). Here is Sloan's summation of the ABC complaints process:

So here is the ABC’s complaints-handing rule-book (I know – I decided to road-test it a while back – some little clerk got back to me after nearly two months: COMPLAINT REJECTED.)
  • Treat the complainant as dim-wit, using a patronizing tone;
  • Refer obliquely to the matter raised but declare that all approaches to journalism are equally valid;
  • Assure the complainant that the matter has been thoroughly investigated;
  • Tell the complainant that management takes all complaints very seriously;
  • Finally, quote the internet address of the Editorial Guidelines.
What Sloan is too nice to note: Scott is one more of those jumped-up pen pushers, albeit with delusions of grandeur and the public purse to indulge them.

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