Monday, August 8, 2011

Jonathan Holmes' To-Do List

THINGS Jonathan Holmes might care to sneer at tonight:

1/ Phillip Adams’ weekly mangling of fact. (link now fixed)

2/ Holmes’ tweet buddy Wendy Carlisle and the documents she misrepresented in her hatchet job on Viscount Monckton

3/ How Tim Flannery reconciles reporting of his eight-storey prediction of a sea level rise with the paleontologist’s subsequent purchase of a home at the water’s edge.

Oh, and the most intriguing topic of them all …

4/ When an anti-Murdoch activist asked Holmes to help mount a campaign against News Ltd, why did the Media Watch compere compromise the appearance of his impartiality by referring her to an anti-Murdoch journalist at Crikey!

Holmes will be all over those topics. Don’t doubt it for a second.

UPDATE: Not this week? Oh well, next week for sure.


  1. Here is another suggestion for Holmes. List complaints and tips on the Media Watch webpage along with an explanation of why they were-were not followed up. Andrew Breitbart does something like this at Big Media. Holmes could too if he wasn't more interested in hiding his mates crimes.

  2. 10 to 1 Holmes will devote tonight's unbiased eructation to Jones, Shock-Jocks and the Murdoch Press.

    Wendy Carlisle, of course, will not receive a scratch!


  3. Fix the link to the Adams post.

  4. We shall see - maybe he'll surprise us. Or, not. It's #TheirABC.

  5. Someone from the ABC doesn't know what a business model is? Shock!

  6. The sneering, simpering Holmes! So AB stinking C!

  7. Bunyip,Carlisle is really bugging you for the three 'errors' you misidentified--not a word about the very many points she nailed,eh--,yet Monckton goes unfisked by your giant brain. Of course,his lordships deceitful work has been a vast undertaking,many years in the assembly.I guess your curiosity only goes so far.

    And Flannery didn't buy waterside property after he made those comments,you incompetent ninnymuggins. He's been up Berowra Creek since 1997.

  8. Hey Nick? We get that you don't like the Bunyip. And we get that you're upset that he doesn't write about what you think he should be writing about.

    What's hard to understand is why, with so many different blogs available to choose from in the world, you choose to devote significant time and energy to a blog which you don't like and which doesn't cover the issues you want to see covered.

    That's bordering on pathological, mate.

  9. What's that,Spotty? A Bunyip runs a blog and doesn't want to be noticed? I'm happy to devote 'significant time and energy' to his comment box.Given his noted love of getting to the bottom of stuff,I thought I'd help him out.

    What's in it for you?

  10. Imagine spending your days going to movies you know you're going to hate, just so's you can puff yourself up with imagined relevance bellowing about how abominable you find them.

    Hello, Ignicktius.