Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Historic Moment

AS of just a few minutes ago, you could have purchased two shares of Fairfax Media for the cost of a single copy of The Age or Sydney Morning Herald.
How much further does FXJ sink before Gina makes her move?

UPDATE: Here is a list of all FXJ assets.


  1. Personally I don't think she has to rush - take your time Gina, it will get cheaper by the day.
    But if and when she does make a move, there will be a mighty shout from the inner city latte class as she (hopefully) sticks the boot into those lazy Fairfax journos - the ABC wont be able to offer them all a job, surely.

  2. Going by that list there appears to be some scope for a fair bit of rationalisation. The AFR appears to be out of place.

  3. The day I no longer have to refer to that paper as "Pravda-On-The-Yarra" will be the day I start drinking again by cracking open a nice bottle of champagne - and share it, of course!


  4. Why would she move before it goes into voluntary administration. She can then front the journo's and say it is her way or death of the company. There are a lot Of highly paid deadwood that needs to be trimmed who have a powerful soapbox and the ear of populist politicians.

  5. What a hoot!
    All those Journos and activists must be hoping the nightmare doesn't happen. But they've worked so hard to MAKE it happen.
    Treat your marginal customers as idiots, and they become...non customers.
    So sad, too bad, never mind.

  6. In response to Anonymous #1, it would still be interesting to identify and track those Fairfax writers who appear to have started suckholing the ABC and its products at a higher level than normal.

    A possible example of this is the TV critic in the SMH's Spectrum arts supplement who, on 30 July, wrote that 'Judith Lucy is one of our finest comic talents of any sex, race or religion'. Unfortunately the archived e-copy of this review doesn't include the author's name, which must be a bit of a blow if she is trying to attract the attention of ABC recruiters.