Monday, August 8, 2011

Phillip Adams' Good Name Is In Jeopardy

EVEN Mungo MacCullum's readers are on to Phillip Adams:
Is it possible to copyright the word "Australian" and prevent its misuse for blatant right wing propaganda? To abuse the name of our country by putting it at the head of a pseudo news rag is both scandalous and embarrassing. Philip Adams should stop being a token and resign his post immediately. After all if someone can resign from the Labor Party on moral grounds, surely he can stop giving the Murdoch Press any semblance of balanced opinion dissemination.
It has been a while since the Philcher did any disseminating, and that was artificial, but Neilly G has a point about Phil needing to throw off the shackles of Rupertian tokenism. The Australian’s readers, especially at the Billabong, will thank him if he does.