Monday, August 15, 2011

Pokies And The Pokey-Pokey Man

PERHAPS Craig Thomson is in the grip of musth, now that his union-issued credit card is no longer available to underwrite sessions with carnal consultants. Or maybe the member for Dobell is just a belligerent fool. Either way, the great hope here at the Billabong is that someone who attended the weekend’s public at the Mingara Sporting Club will post the video of what is being reported as the Member for Dobell's spit-flecked verbal assault on Salvation Army doer of good deeds Louise Duff.

Thomson, whose first words as a infant may well have been “It wasn’t me, Mum”, has denied the charge, and Ms Duff tells that she wishes to speak no more about it, having accepted an apology of sorts.

That said, it would be very easy to understand how a testosterone-poisoned twit might go off the deep end, given the hard time he and Labor colleague Deb O’Neill endured at the hands of the Mingara crowd. The video of O’Neill’s contribution to democratic debate can be found above.

In the video above, listen closely at about the 24-second mark to the heckler who suggests that Thomson might want to hand out “little red books to us all”. Also note the derisive cheers that follow.

Thomson is in for a whipping, this time one he will not have to pay for. 


  1. Looking at the electorate results, the dude actually got a swing to him last election. How did that happen? In NSW?

    Needs nearly four percent to topple next election. The erosion of greens votes will be enough.

  2. On safari in Botswana, our female guide, explained musth in even more indelicate detail than that given in the link. The male elephant's member, something to behold at the best of times, becomes smitten with near permanent tumescence and awash with colourful glandular excesses. Revulsion in humans is readily aroused.

    But it's and ill wind.....Musth affords the beasts a rare opportunity to "scratch" all those irritations and itches which afflict the underbelly.

    All this, while we watched elephants peacefully graze.