Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Bit Crook

Headache, bowels in open revolt, tigers in need of parking .... not a pretty picture at the Billabong today, so posting will resume when the plague subsides.Remember, you are what you eat -- and if it was the soft shell crabs of Monday night's outing, then you don't amount to very much at all. No doubt about the crabs, either. Everyone who sampled them was feeling poorly yesterday, the Professor most of all.

But not so bad as this bloke:
Mind you, that is small consolation.


  1. More likely to be gastro virus that's doing the rounds, Prof. If it's crook crab, you should be chundering within the hour - that's the hallmark of food poisoning. If you have a fever, that's the virus. I got it - crook as.
    Dr Winston suggests a small tipple of brandy.

  2. At least you're not being plagued by a different sort of crabs. Hope you're well soon.

    - Perturbed.

  3. So... you ate CRAB and now you are ill??

    As someone who never eats Bunyip this is the part where the 'Evil Laugh'(tm) kicks in :D