Friday, August 5, 2011

Next At The Drum: The Softer Side Of Hitler

Dear Ruke,
Thank you for most considerate apology. Those atom bombs dislupt Emperor's plan velly much. No more digging on Burma Ra'way. No more work for Unit 731 biorogists. No chance for Rape of Nanking, Part II. Aussie POWs get fed at rast as well, that cause much glief, too.

Thanks again, Ruke. And thanks to ABC for pubrish fine sentiments -- and also to your teachers, who do such a rovery job of make you think correct.

Your pal, Tojo

UPDATE: It is nice to see that the overwhelming majority of commenters see the author for what he is, the noxious embodiment of academic abstraction. Being the ABC, he does have some supporters., "Pedro" amongst them:

...I had a neighbor for some years who had been a commando in WW11 and was captured by the Japanese. He would not talk a lot about it but had survived Changi, the Burma Railway, and working in a Japanese coal mine. His summation was that as long as you did not make waves and were lucky enough to keep fit there was no real problem.

So yes Japan was no worse or better than the West during the first half of last century but as the winners we write the history even though it is obviously nonsense. The worst thing though is that its taken me 70 years to put together something in my mind approaching the truth.

So I say too lets apologise for the worst war crimes of the first half of last century - the atom bombing of Japan by the US and the bombing of Dresden by the poms.

The ABC, which has not had its budget cut,  is killing The Collectors (a Billabong favourite) and other shows in order to redirect cash to the sort of programmes and projects Mark Scott sees as more worthy, The Drum amongst them. That should tell the budgeteers of the incoming Abbott government everything they need to know.


  1. That PhD candidate is a savage indictment of our terrible educational system. I admit to being overeducated comparatively but even on an objective standard today's universities are terrifying in their ignorance, solipsism and absolute dedication to anti-Christian white genocide.

    As far as atom bombing the Japanese imperial monster, I side with the allied commanders of the time. Much as when Montgomery was told Germans were trying to surrender en masse to him rather than the rape-addicted Russians:

    "They should have thought of that before they invaded Czechoslovakia."

  2. "And thanks to ABC for publish fine sentiments"

    That's "pubrish"...

  3. PhD candidate?

    They might be old, old men now, but I know a few ex POW who would dearly love to kick this fool's arse until his nose bled.

  4. Ah, yes, modern doctorates. I was browsing, as I’m sure many do, doctoral theses earlier; here’s a good one:

    Jenny Blain, “Deconstructing Martin Boyd: homosocial desire and the transgressive aesthetic”, University of Sydney, Department of English, Faculty of Arts.
    Abstract: “Following on the proposition that the history of Western thought is importantly constituted by a discourse of male-male pedagogic or pederastic relations stretching in narrative form, according to Allan Bloom, from the Phaedrus to Death in Venice, the deconstructive project of reading 'against the visible grain' has been mobilised in the interests of interrogating and unsettling what can only be defined as homophobic misreadings of Martin Boyd. Critical discursive practice, by the near-uniform imposition of a tacit censorship, has refused by means of erasure, silence and repression to reflect on Boyd from the perspective of sexual definition or same-sex love and desire, presumably in the belief that there are no interpretive consequences. In the process, an hypothesis of Boyd as himself mounting an act of social criticism by surreptitiously contesting conventional and hierarchical typologies of masculinity in the margins of institutionalised and popular hegemonic culture, seems to have escaped inscription in the canonical records. Martin Boyd's 'dividedness', 'doubleness', ambivalences and dichotomies point to a complexity that is not ultimately or ontologically resolvable. The Derridean 'de-sedimentation' modus operandi used here makes no claim to a relevatory hermeneutics of Hegelian essence. It does, however, utilise the various tropes of ambivalence, uncertainty, anxiety and incoherence — aspects of Boyd which may be correlated, perhaps, with his sense of the unheimlich or not being at home with himself or his environment — to reposition him in terms of his psychosexual constitution. In the process, the advocacy of aestheticism and pleasure for which he is recognised is found to be tempered and/or subverted by an overt recourse to the transgressive and 'decadent', elements irretrievably linked to his fetishization of the beautiful male body and his obsessive redeployment of the Hellenic ideal of manly love. The interpretive frameworks applied in the reclamation of the 'different' sensibility Boyd articulates by means of an alternately subtilized and strenuous challenge to sex/gender identity and behavioural norms encompass a field ranging from late nineteenth century theoretical discourse on homosexuality through to the intertextual influences of cultural innovators like Pater and Wilde. It includes reference to the literary strategies devised by Sedgwick to uncover deviance and 'erotic pathways'; it surveys the psychoanalytic hypotheses of Freud and Adler as relevant; and it pays heed to an aesthetics of the religio-erotic.”

    I do like the “can only be defined as homophobic misreadings”. No other definition can be imagined or permitted.
    Luke’s thesis, we can be certain, will contribute as much to advancing academic knowledge.

  5. All you need to know —

    One of these days I hope to get to the Hiroshima shrine so I can write in the visitors' book either, "Well, you won't try that again will you", or "So much for the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere".

  6. Recently I toured Bletchley Park. The guide mentioned that a high-ranking German Officer (IIRC) said in the aftermath of WWII that if it hadn't been for Ultra the first a-bomb would have been dropped on Berlin.

    Folks overlook that Germany was working flat-out on an atomic bomb of its own. In a recent doco it was suggested the uranium for it, which was captured by the Americans from a submarine on its way to Japan when Germany surrendered, likely ended up in the Hiroshoma bombs. Oh, the irony.

  7. Dear Professor, what is that writer ON?

    Dear Deadman - thanks a bunch for finishing off what few sane neurons were still staggering about in my mind. Not.

    What is the world coming to?

  8. Pedro, those nonagenarians and octogenarians could probably kick his arse into next week.

  9. I've always thought the greatest injustice of WW2 was that the Bomb ws developed too late to be dropped on Germany.