Thursday, August 18, 2011

Grate Scott .... Please

THOSE public spirited youngsters at Our Say have gained much attention of late, courtesy of Andrew Bolt, who alerted his readers to The Sunday Age's request that readers submit questions about global warming. The query leading the tally is written in a sceptic's ink, so it will be fun to watch the paper's team of crack warmists squirm and wriggle. If you haven't voted and can be bothered registering, you should do so.

And while inspecting the Our Say site, do have a look at the second issue, which is soliciting questions for Australia's Media Leaders -- the ABC's Mark Scott and Fairfax CEO Greg Hywood. Crikey's Sophie Black will also be turning up for the discussion, but will probably nod off if she has been reading her own site. Perhaps Scott can wake her up with the offer of a shower scene in Crownies, an offer made in the context of the commercials' market failure to show enough young, firm women wearing nought but soap suds or filmy bits of nothing.

A modest citizen is seeking Scott's guidance, and so far his question has garnered only seven votes. Reproduced below, it would seem worthy of much more support than that.
How can you produce get-ya-gear-off rubbish like Crownies and bill the Australian taxpayer for the dubious pleasure of turning it off? Do you enjoy Crownies? if so, should a low-brow vulgarian be running the national broadcaster? And finally, some career advice. Does Fred Hilmer have any openings for additional godsons. I, too, would like to scoot up the Fairfax hierarchy and then switch to an ABC gig auditioning Crownies nymphettes. Any advice?
It would not require too many votes to see that question zoom to the top of the list, a status that conveys a special prize, as the poster will be invited to join Scott, Hywood and the snoozin' Soph' on Our Say's online panel. Now that could be tremendous fun!

Visitors to Our Say may also post their own questions, and surely a few readers would wish to know why Hywood continues to inflict on Melbourne a paper written primarily for the tight little knot of green leftards who produce it?

So pop over if you have a chance and cast a vote or seven. Just remember not to use salty language. While that is just fine on Hungry Beast et al, Scott might be offended if the ABC's favourite vulgarities were to be directed at him.


  1. They get their gear off in Crownies? Sheez, might be worth a watch then...

  2. I notice that the Crownies comment is by Stan Gudgeon, who is a character in Lennie Lower's amusing book "Here's Luck". Let's speculate a bit. A fan of that book is probably of an older age group, with a specific type of humour. He (or she, but most likely he) is nonetheless familiar with the interweb. Do we know many people who fit that profile? I speculate that Stan Gudgeon is Professor Bunyip. A google search confirms that I'm not the first to have this thought.

  3. On the episodes I've seen - not all of them, admittedly - it was dishevelled but otherwise fully clothed Crownies humping on desks and the like. Things may have hotted up, but to get to the naughty bits you'll have to sit through scene after scene of turgid, earnest lower middle brow tosh - typical ABC drama, in other words!

  4. ar - no it's not worth a watch. I gave it a quick airing. Potentialy a wonderfull vehicle for holding the mirror viz Judge John Deed (early episodes) and Welcome to Wonderfland. It is just a poorly written exsposition of what a person with no exposure thinks lawyers do and say. A talent free zone.

  5. I thought Crownies was a documentary of Gillard's legal career.