Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bubbles On The Brain

THERE are many years of reasons why Fairfax stock ended the day at 86 cents, about as low as it has ever been

This is the most recent.

Have you ever read such tommy rot? Does someone at Fairfax actually think Elizabeth Farrelly can write, think or sell newspapers? Did the editor run over her dog and award the column in lieu of cash compensation?

If you are selling bridges, a perpetual motion machine or fairy treasure maps, hotfoot it to Fairfax HQ before the receivers arrive. Never again will so many fools be gathered under one roof.


  1. “But there’s an astonishing lack of culture-made crannies that are just exuberating places to be.”

    Cranny, n., a small, narrow space;
    Culture, n., the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular people;
    Exuberare (Latin) v., to grow abundantly, to be fruitful.

    Translation: She is astonished by the dearth of small places built by the people who make such things which allow her to be fruitful?

    Sydney recently shook,
    Elizabeth Farrelly
    by its stunning lack

    of the sort of nook
    bestowing fecundity
    to a witless hack.

    she sledges Murdoch (and News)
    in a fit of pique.

    and strenuously
    exhibits trite, hackneyed views
    which she thinks unique.

  2. "So why can't we make such places to please ourselves in Sydney? Or to represent ourselves in Venice? Why is that verboten?"

    Why don't the Germans swim in the lake?

    Because it's ver-boatin.

    Get it? It's German, which is cultural, an' stuff.

  3. This is about seeking out that high, wild card, about not leaving the nuancing of life to some committee, about wanting Australianness to look more like Assange than Murdoch.

    She's not exactly shy about nailing her ideological colours to the mast, is she?

    Aside from that, what a mass of drivel. I read it all and my eyes glazed over at about the third para. Fourth reply down is just about as bad. I shudder to think that there are people apart from her who find such writing meaningful and special.

  4. I for one find it incredible the Fairfax directors have allowed these so called editors of the Age/SMH free reign to trash the brand names and cause the rivers of gold to now flow like turgid turds into the cesspools of history.
    Long since sold my shares but their reporters & editors are going to squeal like stuck pigs when they follow the sub-editors onto the unemployment heap.
    Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of leftoid twits ( except for the ABC)