Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eade Out: Unconfirmed

SCOOP: Unconfirmed reports from Whitten Oval say Rodney Eade has been dumped as coach of the Western Bulldogs.

Now, if the Dogs can only get rid of Number 1 ticketholder Julia Gillard, they will be ready to shine in 2012.

UPDATE: Radio reports say it's true. The man who allowed his team to be riven by personal feuds -- Aker vs everyone, Eagleton vs Lake -- and who blamed his players every time he was outcoached will have to find another job.

Given his general uselessness, we can half expect Gillard to find him a nice, comfy spot at the Department of Climate Change.  He will fit perfectly with all those other useless, theory-fixated bastards.

1 comment:

  1. "There's more chance of me playing full-forward for the Dogs than challenging Kevin Rudd for the PM job," Julia said before she did just that, so clearly Eade is paying the price for refusing to yield to this statistical certainty and put her in.