Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jacqueline Meets Former Fairfax Readers

TIM BLAIR links to Jacqueline Maley's tale of horror and harassment at the hands of Alan Jones and his  crazed carbon junkies, and normally he would have a point about the Silly reporter's delicate sensitivities. But allowances need to be made in this case, as Maley appears to be heavily pregnant and thus, we can assume, very prone to outbreaks of irrational emotion.
When Maley asked Jones if he was being paid to address the Canberra gathering, one hopes she solicited a few tips on trimming costs.  In the very near future there is every chance it will be Maley's turn not to cash a pay cheque

FOOTNOTE: As readers who follow the last link will learn, Fairfax Media's stock had fallen to 69.5 cents by the end of Monday's trading. That means anyone with a spare $330 million-or-so could pick up about 25% of the company and effectively control it. Or think of it another way. Fairfax is attempting to unload its radio holdings which means, at an industry-standard 10 times earnings, an asking price of around $300 million.

So why pick up only the broadcasting unit when you could have the whole thing?Somewhere in Fairfax's great mound of poo there is a pony. An astute operator could get it up to a gallop -- after cleaning the stable, of course.


  1. Professor, Did you see the letter page of the silly today? Full of ignorant sneers against the protestors. This says a great deal about who is reading the silly and why Fairfax is in trouble.

  2. Ms Maley has that purse-mouthed look of disapproval that in my far-distant youth characterised the wowser. And, of course it fits perfectly, for isn't wowserism now the defining characteristic of the 'inner-city-sophisticates' of the fashionable left? Yes, they might approve of swearing, but disapprove of everything else in which normal people might find pleasure.

  3. I look forward to more of Ms Maley's incisive and courageous reporting.

    Next it's off to a gay-marriage rally to ask the convener if he has a job.

    After that it will be off to a union meeting to ask the organiser if he has ever been to Moscow.

  4. That's right 8:29 PM. It's really a class war. They hate people with beer guts and dirty hands.

  5. The hillarious part is the left are making comments about the personal appearance of the protestors. The same lot who would be tut tutting about others who did it being superficial, judgemental and shallow.

  6. "So why pick up only the broadcasting unit when you could have the whole thing?"

    Perhaps because "the whole thing" would include Fairfax's large pile of debt?

    Stick to the faux populist ranting, Bunyip, finance isn't your bag.

  7. Oh give the poor li'l leftist luvvie a break.

    Do you honestly think she'd be subjected to the horror of a bushy grey beard like that anywhere in Newtown?

  8. Prof - would this young pest happen to be related to your fellow academic William Maley - the Canberra-based know-it-all and blowhard who is always so free with advice and so-called expert commentary on anything and everything to do with refugees, security, etc etc?

  9. Looks like her cover's blown now.