Thursday, August 11, 2011

Betty Finds Betty Very Interesting

WHAT the Silly thinks its readers want:

“I've been asking my shrink … my real problem, I've decided … I can barely bring myself … So I'm digging deep … what I mean … Not that I care … It's the world I care about … what I call green seduction … I'm donning that splatter-jacket ...

In case you are curious, that is Elizabeth Farrelly attempting to write about architecture.

UPDATE: If Betty is worthy of a weekly spot on the Silly's opinion page, this bloke deserves a gig with its online unit.
The only obstacle might be that Sharpton is too conservative for the Silly's tastes, but he has that incomprehensibility thing down pat.

(HT: Commenter Currency Lad at Catallaxy.)


  1. Ms Farrelly never fails to amuse. And horrify.

    Mr Sharpton is merely horrifying. I mean, nobody expects you to have the WHOLE of a long speech memorised, but surely when the words are "...but resist we...", the obvious next word is either "will", "shall", or "must".

    If the Left believes in balance, then Mr Sharpton should be held up by all as a clear example of the George W. Bush school of public speaking.

  2. ... and what might the George W Bush school of public speaking entail, given that the collected "Bushism" were symbolic of the fools who collected such.


  3. It was actually her page that got splattered with a stream, nay, dream - perchance traum ... ah, yes: trauma of consciousness.
    Must be just her friends and relatives commenting; so positive (now closed).