Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gone Walkabout

KEEP the Grand Final, Melbourne. The Bunyipmobile is heading north for a few days, tent and rod packed, because it seems a good idea to get out of town. If Collingwood loses, domestic fury and fierce civil strife shall cumber all the banks of Yarra land*. And if Geelong loses, the ABC investigations of mass suicides amongst the underpriveleged, socially alienated, economically disempowered welfare recipients in Corio will be just be as bad. Plus, the east coast is being invaded by rugby -besotted Kiwis, so it is a good moment to be on the road. 

Posting will resume sometime next week.

(NOTE TO JUDGE MORDY: Bunyips are entitled to use "walkabout" without legal risk. )

* Apologies to Marc Antony


  1. "Bunyips are entitled to use "walkabout" without legal risk."

    "Without legal risk" has been officially abolished.

  2. So, basically, you are saying that Collingwood are the Australian version of the Oakland Raiders NFL team, while Geelong are the Dtroit Lions. Good to know for an American reader of your blog.

    A couple of links to see if you agree:

  3. If you're going a long way north, prof, as in on your way to the Gulf for some barra, drop by McKinlay for a few beers. The McKinlay Bush Nurse Clinic is first left as you get into town.
    It is readily discerned by a yard full of dismembered rats courtesy of Fatso and Buddy. They have found that these toys are much more fun to play with than squeaky synthetic ones.

  4. "What's a 'walkabout'?"
    "About ten minutes. After that, it becomes a trek."