Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Salt Lake City Tribe

THE little-known artist Richard W. Linford is rather pale, prices his works with the brush of optimism and appears to have spent his entire life in Utah.

Therefore, he qualifies as an Aborigine, even if does not as yet understand that fact.
 Here’s the proof:
That sensitive representation of Indigenous femininity is part of Linford’s “Woggabaliri” collection.

Aborigines? Utah?

Andrew Bolt should consider himself lucky the heirs of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young did not join the case before Judge Mordy.


  1. Those artworks seem to be very close in likeness to the Truganini Paintings...

  2. Personally, I prefer his "Mother Teresa and Princess Diana in Heaven" portrait. Its a beauty.

  3. Looks like something my 4-year-old son produces in art class at kinder...

    ... wonder how much I can persuade some latte-sipping Lefty art-snob to pay for some of his "masterpieces"...

  4. PhillipGeorge(c)2011October 26, 2011 at 11:43 AM

    Watching the watchers - careful now!
    A few years ago there was an award winning movie about the barbarities of man - "The Elephant Man". I never saw it.
    Taking a man and making him into a freak show extended beyond the original act into making a movie about it.
    The man with his back to the stage watching the audience was just as much a 'high ground' hypocrite.
    "You're all a pack of dirty rotten sinners" Act 1 Scene 1, the building of a workable Commonwealth.
    There's the problem Prof, the Cargo Cult that routed aborigines routed everything after it, white tribes included. Every flag is a white flag of surrender when there's nothing really written on it. The absolute vacuity of scientism and relativism caught up.

    The QED line: we have a desal plant that can't be built on time for falling rains and we export coal we cannot burn because of our superiority to the people we are selling it to.
    care to argue the proof.

    Jesus - again - Act 1 Scene 1

  5. Well, it does look like a painting of a mouth guard, which further adds weight to the growing evidence that our indigenous brothers invented football.

  6. And they had the good sense not to invent soccer.

  7. "Well, it does look like a painting of a mouth guard, which further adds weight to the growing evidence that our indigenous brothers invented football.

    Or the Golden Arches, which might give our indigenous brothahs (and sistahs) legal & financial standing as the traditional owners of McDonalds.

  8. I like the way Linford's artistic presentations come in different colors. You can pick the one that matches your decor. That's practical as well as trendy. I believe that Telstra's advertising consultants have recently come up with a similar idea.

  9. Am convinced that Phil just up there should start taking his lithium again.

  10. I thought that PhillipGeorge(c)2011 was some work-experience kid's first attempt at a robo-troll, an entry-level AI project. Thus the copyright (c).

    PhillipGeorge(c)2011 v2 may patch some of the more obvious bugs.

  11. $2,200 for a print?

    Blimey, he's proud of his work, ain't he?

  12. Perhaps the 'YHWH' on this one:

    should read 'YHBT'.