Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Bunker For ClimateFuehrer Clive

YOU HAVE to wonder about Clive Hamilton, who is celebrating yesterday's catastropharian triumph in the House of Representatives by once again denouncing democracy:
Over the last decade or so, politically driven climate deniers have adroitly used the instruments of democratic practice to erode the authority of professional expertise. They have attempted, with considerable success, to undermine the authority of climate science by skilful exploitation of a free media, appeal to freedom of information laws, the mobilisation of a group of vociferous citizens, and the promotion of their own to public office. In this way, democracy has defeated science.
It is well known that the bug-eyed loon, another of the New Establishment's kept creatures,  parted company with sanity quite some time ago. Eventually, even the Fairfax press noticed and declined to publish his submissions. The fact that all were inscribed with crayon on chains of the little paper dolls he cuts out during sessions of occupational therapy must have made that fact inescapable, even at The Age, where only plastic safety scissors are allowed.

But as Hamilton is of the left, no worries. Somewhere down the propaganda food chain, a less lofty pulpit is always waiting. In this instance it was The Conversation, where Andrew Jaspan popped out from beneath a foot stool, snatched up the falling columnist and added him to the site's roster of deep thinkers..

Australian society is certainly a noble and caring one, putting up $6 million of public funds to pay the mortgage of a failed-but-ideologically-sound newspaper editor, who in his turn scrapes reality's other victims from the grease trap of their ranting irrelevance.

On his better days, the ones when he is not instructing orderlies at his institution to polish his jackboots, Hamilton must register some flickering recognition of his great good fortune. Without Jaspan's intervention he would by now have only Lavatorious Polio* to broadcast his insights, and he could not sink lower than that. He should pen a little token of his gratitude -- a column, perhaps, on the evil of dwarf-tossing and why the CSIRO, universities and the Conversation's other generous backers must never, ever think of taking it up.

*NOTE: For those not versed in Latin, that translates as "paralyzing spectacle of the unflushed bowl".


  1. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.October 13, 2011 at 5:37 PM

    Had a look at Lavatorius Polio for a laugh Bunyip. Not much fun there though. First, it is terminally boring. Secondly, it is seriously deluded, very much for the occupational therapy set. Third, it is like being an atheist at the Vicarage tea party, squirmingly uncomfortable to be there in such depressingly polite yet wrong company. Didn't meet up with Clive, praise the Lord, so he's not there yet. I quietly crept out without saying a word.

  2. Prof Bunyip surely you should write for the ABC chaser team. I always get such a good laugh here and had no mirth watching the boys last night attempt their funnies perched on a desk that resembled a rodent. Would they have you? I guess not. Keep up the good work.

  3. Very kind of you to say, Anonymous, but as a Bunyip with no Labor politicians in the family, it would not be a good match. Any decent person would rather roll in dog dirt than see his or her name in the Chaser's credits. Last night's programme was painful to watch, made moreso by the cast's ostentatious appreciation of their own wit. Next week, if they lift their game, we'll be treated to half an hour of fart jokes. Still, it's better than Crownies. Mark Scott must be so proud. By the way, which Chaser do you think is the biggest dick?

  4. Lizzie
    Like you I did visit Lavatorius Polio for a time and was stunned every time, it must have been the smell though I didn't realise it --thank you Bunyip for the translation into English now I understand. My experience Lizzie was as yours, felt really ikky afterwards.

    Bunyip - I visit here for my daily therapy, it does me a power of good, I should have come here earlier today --at least before my Labor-voting, left-wing offspring came to say hello, my mood would have been lightened and would have avoided my unseemly, though genuine, expletive-riddled rant on the government of yesterday and some unflattering adjectives directed at the Proime Minista. That'll learn me. Thanks again for the laugh pity about the trees and the greens

  5. My intellect refuses to allow me to watch such drivel ,I shall leave the judgementt to you my learned friend !

  6. Bunypitude has become a regular visit for me. Keep it up.

  7. "My intellect refuses to allow me to watch such drivel"
    Pretentious? Moi?

  8. Pretentious? Moi?

    Sure you are numbers, everyone knows that!

  9. Young Stanley, why on earth did you contribute to Lavatorious Polio's traffic. Even if you were only thinking of the amusement of your readers, deft use of the "Control C" and "P" function would have sufficed.