Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sorry Day

THE Herald-Sun has been ordered to make amends in print for having dared to publish a pair of Andrew Bolt columns. Would the following fit the bill, do you reckon? 

We acknowledge the people of the Litijus-Mordy Nation on whose turf we may not know we are standing until the writs arrive. They are the court-appointed custodians of this page, so we pay homage to Elders past and present, including those holding Harvard degrees, Australia Council grants and the ledgers of an Indigenous co-operative whose finances cannot be made to balance.

Of course, if that does not do the trick, the Herald-Sun could borrow inspiration from the CSIRO, formerly a scientific organisation. These days it is keen not offend spirits, perhaps fearing they might also sue:
3.3. Smoking Ceremony
The ceremony aims to cleanse the space (of evil spirits) in which the ceremony takes place and to cleanse the participants, who are asked to take in the smoke that comes from the earth to protect them on that Country v. . . People are encouraged to walk through the smoke to cleanse their spirits. Given the significant nature of the ceremony, smoking ceremonies are usually performed at major events.
Aboriginal people may request a smoking ceremony to cleanse a new work place that is opened, where culturally significant items are repatriated to Country, or where it is believed bad spirits exist.
And if things still aren’t quite harmonious enough, well the Herald-Sun could adopt another aspect of the CSIRO’s approach and dole out some cash. It will just need to make sure it gets an ABN number first.
...some organisations such as the NSW Local Aboriginal Land Councils have a set price for ceremonies and a database of Elders who can undertake them. It is advised staff contact them prior to negotiating a price . . .
Professional performers are to be asked to provide a tax invoice quoting an ABN number before payment can be made. Where an ABN cannot be provided, the service providers are to complete a statement by a Supplier form. This will ensure the earnings are not taxed at the highest margin of 48%. The Statement by a Supplier Form can be obtained by accessing the Australian Taxation Office website . . .
When making a booking ensure that a tax invoice is provided to CSIRO as soon as possible so that payment for the performance can be made without delay.
Good work if you can get it. Free speech, though, that is quite a bit messier.


  1. Well Professor I thought the CSIRO were about clear thinking Science not mumbo jumbo - but I guessed wrong when I downloaded and read your link to that PDF file produced by the CSIRO evoking a Aboriginal Cleansing of Evil Spirits Methodology manual. Next thing Professor you'll be telling me the CSIRO believes in Climate Change and (I love this word) decarbonisation of our Economy. It's kind of like a smoking ceremony but not as much fun eh?

  2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.October 19, 2011 at 10:25 PM

    I'm wondering where I can read up on the genuine ethnography of 'smoking ceremonies'. I suspect they are a fairly recent innovation usefully drawn for a purpose from some vague reference to some local group or another; is there any doubt as to whether they were a generic practice? Anyone know?

  3. Idiot Mordy no cudos whatever - he is a lightweight totalitarian shit..

  4. It is well-accepted in 'human rights jurisprudence' (and not just by the ludicrous UN Human Rights Council) that the right to free speech includes the right not to be forced to speak. So put one more derogation of this right down to Judge Mordy. And concerning recent events here's a thought to ponder: was the ex-StKilda footballer also (or maybe primarily) concerned not so much about what the Bolta said, as about other more serious vilifications that are now so lightly and commonly part of the political 'conversation' - such as take place outside Max Brenner stores? Does this theory make some sense of an otherwise idiotic judgment?

  5. Elizabeth
    They've been around for a while with individual groups; their importance is a recent development (since c.1985).
    1. For the mechanics:
    2. Also: