Friday, October 28, 2011


LIFE, it's baffling. At the same time The Australian is sequestering its stories and commentary behind a paywall, the Financial Review is taking tentative steps to make access easier. And what is the AFR giving away? Why, Laura Tingle!

Then again, you don't have to pay a cent for Tingle's thoughts, which does make sense, as that is precisely what they are worth. (Sample: "Tony Abbott...the hollow man", "Abbott and his shambolic frontbench", "negative, opportunistic and hollow man" etc etc etc)

The AFR has a new editor and publisher, who are supposed to be rather sharp. The proof of that will come when they recognise that readers (and former readers) of a news organ devoted to investing probably don't have much time for a howling harpy and leftoid publicist. When Tingle is shown the door, or at the very least counterbalanced, you will know Fairfax is serious about reviving what was once a fine publication.

That was, however, a very long time ago.


  1. Prof., what a wonderful description of how The Australian is now hiding its stories. At least I'll never know if they were worth buying.

    No doubt it's hoping for a slow but steady uptake of subscriptions, and I have no argument about them making money, but if their product is worthy, advertisements are the way to go.

    It would be a pity for the Oz to meet the inevitable fate of the unspeakable Ms Tingle and her AFR.

  2. I guess if they eventually show her the door - she'll be a regular on the ABC Insiders where they can all harp on about how terrible Tony Abbott is.

  3. Easy way to bypass their paywall

    1. copy link to story into google, hit search and click link

    rinse and repeat for two more stories

    2. delete cookies in your browser

    basically google/news allow 3 free links, then try and stop it, but it is cookie not IP recorded, so just delete the cookie!

    go to step 1

  4. Oh, I see, it's TINGLE...

    I read it as "Bingle", sigh...

  5. God the last thing I'd want, especially in the morning, is Laura Tingle

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