Saturday, October 15, 2011

Did You Know Abbott Is A Catholic?

Throughout his life he has been drawn to a series of masculine and Catholic heroes and mentors. As a result, he is a relic of another time.

Voting for Tony Abbott will deliver a man whose Catholic orthodoxy extends to a belief that this orthodoxy is reasonable and objectively correct and can fairly be imposed on the rest.

I have always had him cut as an ideologue - you know, big-C social conservative, nuclear family-ist, anti-abortion, papist, et cetera.

It's funny too that Abbott, who professes to be a Catholic, is so selective in his application of Christianity, although I should not really be surprised - that's been the way of religious fanatics throughout history.

The role of young Catholics like Tony Abbott was to devote their lives to the grand battle to save civilisation and turn back the cultural tide.
Can we believe in his political separation between church and state?
-- Susan Mitchell in the Fairfax press (again)

Of course, there are bad Catholics and there are good Catholics 
UPDATE: But there are no bad Muslims, as all but one of the same commentators are at pains to note:

…far-right columnists still tried to blame the massacre on Muslims because they were the ones that had caused all the problems in Norway by immigrating there. When that didn’t really wash, they refused to call Breivik a terrorist because that was reserved for Muslims, so they just settled for calling him “insane”.

Dr Cannold urged her audience to organise and fight back against religious fundamentalists who take advantage of Australia's acceptance of religious freedom to push their ''violently intolerant ideologies''. In Australia the risks from this ''emanate primarily from evangelical Christian fundamentalists, not jihadist Muslims''.

I had not seen a woman in a djellaba look quite as much like a man's chattel as the petted girl in the white jeans did to me on my first day back in the "West" … . my attitude towards the hijab has changed. I no longer see it as an automatic sign of gender inequality.

The bitterness of so many Indigenous people and the daily experience of marginalisation faced by Australian Muslims are the consequences [of John Howard]

The only writer in the first list who appears to have had nothing to say about Muslims is Martin Daly. How does Fairfax tolerate such a racist! 


  1. Imagine, if you will, the shock, horror and vicious bigotry from this very same mob if Abbott was a Muslim.

    If I but had the resources, I would be calling in Judge Mordy, to run an eye over this blatant offensiveness and, of course, for him to bring out his hand lens to see more clearly 'what can be read between the lines.'

  2. If Dr Abbott promised public floggings, much happiness would ensue.


  3. The Pope is a Catholic too ! I wonder what the lefty aparatchiki propagandists can make of that ! He is probably an Abbot supporter.

  4. If we cannot get "a de jure" religious test to keep them Catholic troglodytes from public office because of our stupid Constitution, let us campaign for a "defacto one" through the old sectarian fear and hatred.

    Did you say they established the foundations of our western civlization and its moral values? What a load of crap!!! They are anti-abortion pro family, anti-euthansia etc, the standards of modernism and progressive teaching. s/off

    PS. In the process it would be a good idea to limit their free speech rights. Their ideas are soooooo dangerous and hateful.

  5. PhillipGeorge(c)2011October 15, 2011 at 9:03 PM

    Prof, in the news this week has been the admission by the US State Department that after 10 years of the US barracking for the good guys in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan that there isn't one single standing Christian Church in that entire fine republic. This can surely only lead to a new sort of Golden Age of Islam as revisionist historians are apt to describe it. So much Islam in one place must surely have multiculturalists in apoplectic adulation.

    What is "inverted xenophobia"? How can pseudo intellectuals keep coming up with so much self loathing bile? Does this truly represent the intellectual equivalent of anorexia nervosa?

    I have my theories Prof but I know that all of them must be wrong. They involve things that people cannot see, prove, or explain with beakers and test tubes? They are metaphysical - so not the stuff of methodical, reproducible empirical science. The fact that it explains their behaviour to me must infuriate the rationalistic secularists?

    For affections so rational as theirs must be the stuff of pure science. Men without chests don't have the option of speaking from the heart - yet they are doing nothing but displaying theirs exactly as they are: Wanting - and that for something about which to testify. A story to write with legitimacy. A noble history. Their own.

    [keep it up Prof, you are an aussie digger. It takes earth works to get to the pay load = you have the biceps of experience]

  6. If only they could hear themselves speak. Their lack of awareness of their own idiocy and hypocrisy is stunning.