Monday, October 24, 2011

No Turkish Delight

YES, yes, this multiculturalism is all very well and good, and even if some of those New Australians are a bit slow to grasp cricket, everything will be just fine if  they open a few more exotic eateries and, beyond that, make it a very definite point to behave themselves. Four years, that’s all it now takes for the new arrival to get a gum tree from the local mayor. It does not seem very much time to invest in acquiring something quite so valuable as the all-but inviolate right not to be deported, and Akin Sari, pride of Northcote, rather makes the point.

If the young fellow’s name rings a bell it is probable you remember the events of the G20 conference in November, 2006, when a group of young people decided to trash Collins street, smash a police van and do serious injury to two officers. Akin Sari was perhaps the biggest pest of the marauding lot, and he scored a 14-month sentence even after swearing that he had examined his conscience and would never again mix violence and politics. Never. Not ever, and certainly not as he was doing in the photo below.

Mind you, the magistrate had quite a list of charges to consider, and he could not have been impressed by the young man’s initial cockiness, especially when the arresting officers testified that Sari accused them of being disciples of Christine “Make Mine Flame Seared” Nixon, whom he regarded as something of a joke. Bad he might have been, but not entirely stupid – and just a little bit lucky as well. Admirers of the then-Police Commissioner? It is a marvel those cops did not have his guts for garters.

Sari’s most interesting boast was that, even though he had arrived from Turkey only five years earlier, he was a dinki-di Aussie. “You can't deport me,” he was reported to have crowed. “You can't do anything to me. Your laws are pathetic.” Back then, when Sari swore allegiance, two years’ residency was all that was required. This has now been doubled, with some other, very minor conditions added.  

All this is worth dredging up because, when Sydney’s wallopers followed the lead of their Melbourne counterparts and moved along the Martin Place Occupisants, an unreformed Sari was there to give them grief, in this instance with a metal torch that he allegedly used to wallop a copper over the head.

Once again a thoroughly nasty piece of work has been arrested for belting policemen. And once again he cannot be deported.

Would it be too much to ask that an Abbott government extend citizenship’s qualifying period to, say, six years, and perhaps add another five years of probation on top of that? Sari is about to cost the taxpayers another significant sum. He doesn’t like Australia, and Australia has no reason to like him.

It would be so much better to ship the bastard back to Istanbul and be done with him for good. Unfortunately we can’t, and that needs to be fixed.


  1. He should be thrown in prison for assault and battery at the very least, and a sufficiently hanging-ish judge should be found who would give him the maximum sentences allowable for all of his crimes, then make them consecutive.

  2. Really we should at least give him a free flight back to whence he came and drop him off at 35,000 feet with a par avion stamp on his forehead!! That probably is the least he deserves!!

    Mind you it might make more of a statement if we forgot to give him a parachute.

  3. PhillipGeorge(c)2011October 24, 2011 at 2:04 PM

    allah hu akbar, Prof.

    I bounce some ideas around here with the belief that it is like listening for the resonant frequencies, higher and lower, generated in echos - or from any surface sound encounters. A simple sound makes other sounds. Sending an idea out to Rupert Sheldrake's morphic type fields may render back some unexpected inspirations. A sting struck on a guitar causes others to vibrate.

    So the thesis you are living in the midst of a congregation of genuflectors in a church rough hewn from the cargo cult of scientism. Rationalism and Empiricism got elevated beyond logical limits imposed by Kurt Godel and Frederic Fitch to be the basis of a ubiquitous herd animating appeal to consensus. A brute called science became the cruelest mace.

    While all things may be rational not all things can be appreciated as such.

    Right is a simple acceptance of the truth Jesus is who He said He is.

    The pricks one kicks against are the dark reminder. The man in that picture has a message in his hand.

  4. "A constable was treated for head cuts after protester Akin Sari, 33, allegedly struck him with a 33cm torch, Parramatta Bail Court heard. Sari was released on bail yesterday and is expected to face Downing Centre Local Court on November 25." I will try to attend and report back.

  5. Well why doesn't someone ask the Minister to check out this recidivist pest?

    The Act was updated a few years back to allow for the revokation of citizenship in some circumstances. Maybe they apply here.

    If not now, then the way he's going I wouldn't be surprised if he meets the criteria in short order.