Monday, October 31, 2011

Consistency Gets The Cold Shoulder

"IF THIS continues," writes catastropharian Stefan Rahmstorf at the Drum, "we will probably see an ice-free North Pole within the next 10 to 20 years."

The charts tell a rather different story about the state of Arctic ice -- and so did Rahmstorf in 2005, when he made a somewhat broader point to fellow warmists about the need to stick with the party line in dismissing the Medieval Warm Period (MWP), which troublesome sceptics kept bringing up, along with Viking settlements in Greenland and such
Just want to make sure you're aware of the attached paper by Goosse et al., which may be helpful in illustrating what we all know, but what here is shown in a citeable way: local climate variations are dominated by internal variability (redistribution of heat), only very large scale averages can be expected to reflect the global forcings (GHG, solar) over the past millennium.
So "local climate variations"  don't count when raised by doubters, as only "very large scale averages" are relevant. But when a warmist misreports the Arctic charts and does so on the basis of a few decades' sample, well that's OK.

And The Drum publishes it.

NOTE: The Climategate emails remain a source of wonder. They can be found at this new site, which boasts a very handy search function.


  1. Well at least the ABC Drum are laying off Tony Abbott when they preach global warming doom 'n gloom. Seriously does anyone take any notice of anything written on the ABC website? Its a bit like the boy who cried wolf just one too many times. Most of their authors are smart-arsed boys in short pants that are still wet behind the ears.

  2. They'll be wet between the legs when it all comes unstuck and there's a government in charge that will seriously assess their credibility.

    Sheesh. The world may be warming, but the degree of political massaging and manipulation that this mob have put into trumpeting the IT'S ALL OUR FAULT line with such absolute certainty is absolutely nauseating. It probably wouldn't be so bad if their solution wasn't worse than worthless, but they've hung every last shred of their credibility on this being true in order to defend it.

    If the Carbon Tax goes and the refugee thing is sorted out Abbott's way, that's the last shred of Rudd's legacy gone down the toilet. I wonder if his sanity will follow.