Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Their ABC

WHAT do ABC journalists get up to when not spruiking the Greens, making excuses for Labor and advocating taxes on everything?

Enjoy the Clag & scissors, Wendy. Come the next election, you are going to have a lot more time to play with them. A lot more time.

UPDATE: Reader AR points out that Ms., Carlisle was sent the graphic., it is not her own handiwork, and believes it to be "atrocious". Shocked! Shocked! That's what she is.


  1. What a great professional she is. Like Anne Summers, only dumber.

  2. You're stretching things. Anne Summers was the woman who persuaded Fairfax to buy Ms. magazine in the US, which proves Fairfax is even dopier. When Fairfax bailed out, she then raised $20 million on Wall Street to buy the mag and run it herself. Well she ran it alright, ran it straight into the ground. Flat, motherless broke in 12 months.

    So Summers came home and her friends took care of her. Every now and then she has to return the favour, like smearing Bolt when asked.

    Carlisle understands that a secure government job means she can play with photoshop to her heart's content.

  3. Her twitter says she was "sent" this "atrocious spoof" on Bolt. Clever dat.

  4. Hi Bluey. I don't care about Anne Summers and her Ms magazine moneypit snore-a-thon. I do care about her pathetic Bolt hating hit piece for the Monthly and that's why I mentioned her. Wendy Carlisle is just another ABC luvvie getting her Bolthate on.

  5. Wendy Carlisle should (but no doubt won't) feel ashamed of publishing this vile attack on Bolt, and the only feasible way to deal with her ilk is to deal with the ABC. For a reason related to my need to keep earning the dollar for the next 12 months, I cannot at this point join the Liberal Party, but a year hence and I will, in a branch in Prue Goward's NSW state electorate. And she is going to hear a lot from me about the need to deal with the ABC in some fashion.

  6. The "fair and balanced" staff of the ABC on display!

  7. Interesting to watch the Hamster Wheel on the ABC to see that Greg Jericho (aka Grogs Gamut) earns credit for research on the show, Nice extra tax payer funds from the ABC for a full time Canberra Public Servant
    Strange place the ABC.
    Like fellow researcher Richard Cooke the regular Monthly contributor on the ABC payroll.
    Just wonder about the political slant they bring to the Chaser Crew heh.

  8. PhillipGeorge(c)2011October 13, 2011 at 12:05 AM

    Prof, I've been looking for an epitaph for the tomb stone.
    Australia accepted multiculturalism?
    Martin Amis' "stupefied by relativism"?


    Does that say enough? One word: "Theirs".
    All bridges burnt - the victim buried!
    Their ABC, their government, their agenda, their corporation - a burning wreck in a spiral death dive.

    Multiculturalism is like the cyanide capsule to the nation. But why?

    The guts of it is this:- stand there at the Cross of Calvary and tell the naked dying Jew "There's nothing special about you."
    Even modern orthodox Jews might have trouble saying that, not withstanding the time zone problems. They know enough real history to make some sense of it. But whether He's a dead Jew or a resurrected Christian the question formed the basis for the entire history the Western World these last two thousand years. There was no West without it.

    But now Multiculturalism enshrines the statement - "There's nothing special about you" - where 'you' has a duplicitous meaning.

    Not only is the statement historically wrong about Jesus, it is incredibly, dumb-foundedly, naive. Without the dying Jew, or resurrected Christian, there was no Western World. Law, Art History, Sociology, Politics, Family life, the European confederacy pivots around Jesus, the historical reality. This is a simple fact of history - perhaps the simplest of them all.

    What we are seeing now is actual madness. Not metaphorical, but literal.

    This nation has just signed off on a "carbon tax". 95 percent of the Earth's plant life will benefit markedly from higher CO2 levels via faster growth rates with improved Water Use Efficiency - and the Chinese will give the Earth those improvements. Real plants, actual empirical science. This is food we are talking about. Food for animals and humans. But it doesn't matter when tokenism and paganism are involved. Self sacrifices for mother earth - which will do nothing to it anyway, are really human sacrifices for the convenience of conscience.

    So with paganism there really is a divide. The sacrifices are all before you. His, yours, or theirs, are the options on the real table.

    It is His or yours Prof; you should first settle that question. History has many a wreckage, nations among them. Every one is built on avoidable and personal tragedy. The importance of "you" was dealt with at the Cross.

    Anyone standing at the Cross should be able to see something special happened there. Without the observation, you and everything else loses the greatest sensibility there ever will be.

    Your sacrifices don't make you any cleaner or purge the world of the blight of humanity. This tax is not a moral imperative for a more sustainable world, it is a confidence trick involving the greatest of self delusions.

    These are cross road instructions. Turn around.

  9. What is fascinating about this excuse for a blogsite is the quaint patois used. Some examples - "luvvies", "leftoids" "koolaid". Obviously, you need to study this weird dialect and be certified. Only then can you post. It replaces rational thought and coherent argument. I must have snuck through somehow.

  10. 'Reader AR' is naive. If one thinks a statement is "atrocious", then one does not simply re-publish it. This is a piece of humbug.

  11. I see you have picked up a pet troll Professor in 173. It's mostly harmless being brainless like most trolls but does tend to mess the place up a bit with all those piles of iealogical rubbish it keeps collecting.

  12. Yet, you can't help coming by to read it every day, can you numbers?

    I'll notice, again, that you have not bothered to discuss the topic, just attack the person who posted it.

    Enjoy your koolaid, leftoid luvvie!

  13. Tyga, Numbers's numbers are his military service id. More worrying though is his latter profession as an instructor of young people. Despite moments of clarity he often posts under the influence of other mind-altering substances than mere leftist ideology.

    Rafiki... Naive? Moi? She uses "atrocious spoof" to give herself licence to post something derogatory.

  14. Numbers appears to be a refugee from the inane, pro-forma and foul mouthed Leftist blogs, who seeks refuge here but like an immature child, cannot admit that he still needs considerable parenting.

    And just in case one is in any doubt about his preceding childish analysis, there is the hollow, unconvincing and inevitable "hilarious" to complete the picture.

  15. I know 'koolaid' because it's been around for decades, many a comedy reference has cited the koolaid as drank to much delirium at Jonestown way back when. If one's knowledge of pop-culture is so lacking one might want to work that google machine prior to presuming others have erred.

  16. Bob, there is no room on the jellybean path to peace through the jungle for attacks on Professor Bunyip.

  17. Actually, Dave, I thought of Jonestown and Koolaid yesterday watching The Rapture on the Hill, as the Kevvy lay down with the Lamb (well, kissed the Bogan Princess), and they danced around in circles like actors at the end of a Bergman film (The Seventh Seal, I think).

    They had just written themselves a very long political suicide note, and they were delirious with joy. (Bergman would have had Death walk past in the background, but Bob Brown would have to suffice in this case).

    There's a lot of anger out here, and the carnage will not be pretty for all those backbenchers who won't even have been in for long enough to sup at the trough of superannuation that Latham diluted so deliciously.

    The Turkeys just voted for Christmas. It will not be nice. All for the biggest carbon tax in the world, at the very moment the world is scurrying away from any real action. For zero effect, we load some lead into the saddlebag of Australia. Pure gold!

  18. You tweet it, you own it.

    Screencap it, Bunyip, before it goes away (I already have).