Friday, October 21, 2011

Hell No, We Won't Work

CAPITALISM has the last laugh. If you go to the Occupy Melbourne livestream you now get .... an ad for McDonalds!

UPDATE (via twitter): Call 043412651 for free legal advice (but only if you are a protester being ground beneath the pro-chocolate Zionist jackboots of the running dog enforcers)

UPDATE II: Follow the twitter action at  #occupymelb.

UPDATE III: This feed is working (for what it's worth) 

UPDATE 4: Why didn't police make their move at 3am? Just asking

UPDATE 5: Sign says "Obama Is With Us. The Masonic Queen Is Not". Who knew she is into billygoats AND corgis?

UPDATE 6: Adam Bandt gets behind the Occupists. Figures

UPDATE 7: All the usual suspects. Phage luvvie Michael Short sides with public nuisances: "riot police the WRONG response to a valid and important movement".

"Valid and important, eh? Yeah, valid and important like The Phage.

If you have trouble getting home from work tonight, remember what the Phage stands for when you go to the newsagent tomorrow morning. Then buy The Australian instead.

UPDATE 8: An adult (sort of) leads a scared little girl into the heart of the protest.... ignores her terror ... and then sits the sobbing tot in the middle of the street.


  1. PhillipGeorge(c)2011October 21, 2011 at 10:33 AM

    pagans, moral and cultural relativists, and modern Journalists....

    Here is the ABC's Mark Colvin covering a story of the Witchcraft-Shaman owned human sacrificing of "disappeared" children - especially much prized Albinos, in Uganda:

    found at:

    -MARK COLVIN: So the people who buy this service, they think they're going to get good luck and good health, do they?

    PETER M SEWAKIRYANGA: Yeah, they think they're going to get good luck, good health, they're going to get rich because there's a big number of people that are poor and they're going to get rich.

    And the rich people want also to protect their wealth.

    MARK COLVIN: Uganda is in many areas a Christian country. Are these people both practising both Christianity and witchcraft sort of side by side?

    PETER M SEWAKIRYANGA: You will find that the biggest, we have a very, very big number of people that believe in witchcraft. Uganda is …

    MARK COLVIN: So it's possible to go to church on Sundays and believe in witchcraft the other days of the week?

    PETER M SEWAKIRYANGA: Most people that are practising witchcraft don't believe in god.

    Their ABC,
    in one way it even gets better than this [as a hideous example that is of 'modern journalism']
    Colvin believes apparently that radios, computers and mobile phones confer some protection on a person from 'superstitious' beliefs.

    MARK COLVIN: It's an extraordinary phenomenon because Uganda during that period has been growing quite fast and people have a lot more technology, mobile phones, computers, that sort of thing.

    It's extraordinary to imagine that witchcraft should be so strong in those circumstances.

    You are living thus in a cargo cult of scientism.
    Clever devices can magically abolish human "unreasonableness". Human sacrifice is just a "phenomenon" - a technology debate.

    Prof - I didn't make this story up. I heard this as live broadcast yesterday afternoon. The car nearly ran off the road.

  2. When I go there they have a commercial for an American insurance company (American Family).

  3. I went to see it a few seconds ago; it was offline.

  4. So we can all be alarmed at witch doctors and witch craft and driving out evil spirits when it is accross the ocean in Africa but it is OK here when a State Government actually codifies what type can be performed and how much you ahve to pay for it? You couldn't make this stuff up!

  5. 3am would have been an ideal time to wake up and move out the hippies. I really would enjoy watching hippies getting rolled while I munch on my cornflakes.

  6. The mother of the little girl, should be ashamed of herself......but will take a bet she is not.

  7. Dave, 3 am is too early.
    Think of the overtime bill.

  8. Leftists think nothing of using their children as political pawns. Remember the 1998 Waterfront Dispute? Unionists dragged their terrified screaming kids on to the picket lines with them in their attempt to prevent higher container rates.

  9. All very much in line with the "How Does An Empire Fall?" classical approach to how a civilisation nosedives into a dirt nap.

    Cicero of course said that the City begets evil, but more specifically the decadence and sense of security of urban living and increased prosperity has produced unremitting generations of unimaginative spoiled brats, obtaining at best servile or unproductive jobs with no thought of a career.

    Perfect fodder for both cointelpro and the Frankfurt School. There a dialectic dichotomy for you.

  10. No Rob Quantock? His last performance proved to be a nice little earner for him.

  11. You can have a little bit of fun with our dirt encrusted friends, eg:

    Watch. Very short, very funny.

  12. I think it depends how you see it, Jesse. I don't know who made it, or performed it, or the reasons for it.
    I do know the voice raised the hairs on the back of my neck...