Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two White Chicks Sitting Around Bashing Catholics

BEING for the most part a sensible lot with better things to do than squander two hours in the company of dills, members of the reality based community will most likely be inclined to shun the gathering taking place on Thursday night at the Readings bookshop located at 701 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn.That is where Fairfax columnist Leslie Cannold will be "in conversation" with academic Susan Mitchell, papist-denouncing author of the error-riddled hatchet job on conservatives in general and Tony Abbott in particular.

The New Establishment loves these affair, and why not? A glass of wine, the pleasure of the like-minded's company, followed by a warm, post-chinwag glow at the thought of its moral and intellectual superiority.

How interesting it would be if a few naysayers were to report for action at Readings, perhaps even call Mitchell to account for her anti-Catholic bigotry. Why, it might spoil the luvvies' entire evening!

So if you have nothing better to do and fancy a bit of fun, remember that address:

701 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn.

The show starts at 6pm -- and don't forget to take an audio recorder. Given Mitchell's form, she is sure to mouth at least one bigotry worthy of a complaint being lodged under the Racial and Religious Vilification Act. The left crafted and imposed that restriction on free speech, and it was very quick to use it against a couple of ratbag reverends who were less than enthusiastic about Islam. Liberal Premier Ted Baillieu has so far made no move to overturn.the law, so it remains available for giving luvvies a taste of the same rules they are always demanding be imposed on others.

For those with strength for the fight, Gerard Henderson's listing of Mitchell's mistakes makes splendid ammunition


  1. I wish Alene Composta could have been there.

  2. One should, when appropriate, make severe threats of vigorous castigation.


  3. Oooooh, goodie goodie goodie, a pillow fight!!!!!

    Well you must admit that is about the intellectual level of these two isn't it?

  4. Ah if only I lived another life I'd be down in Hawthorn in high dungeon ready to throw a few curly ones at this gruesome twosome, good Catholic girl that I am I love to throw something a bit more substantial but I'm dreamin'-- I've not read the Mitchell Melange yarn, though very interested however, it'll have to be a library copy 'cause sure as hell I am not disposed to parting with any of my hard earned.

  5. Mitchell has just beclowned herself bigtime. Check out 'Cut and Paste' 19 October or Andrew Bolt!!

  6. Although my bad Catholic boyfriend tells me it is still illegal to interrupt a church service, we will briefly lift our boycott of Readings (poor selection of stocked books) and be in attendance on Thursday. Any suggestions for bait are welcome.

  7. UPDATE: Thursday at Readings. After declining Susan Mitchell's offer to move to the (predictably) empty front pews, we were asked by her if we were Tony Abbott staffers. According to Mitchell, Tony's minders attend all her talks. (In her dreams!) We only lasted 20 minutes (boyfriend had socially conservative anxiety attack). This was a pity as I wanted to ask her opinion on the following statement ""Faced with the election of a Catholic, our culture is at risk". So wrote the author of The Power of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale in 1960. A number of senior protestant leaders and theologians accused Peale of bigotry and the following year, John Francis Kennedy became the 35th president of the USA, the first and only Catholic to hold that office.