Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Those One Percentensteins

A FRIEND of the Billabong stopped by  Occupy Melbourne on Saturday, when the Soap-Free Shock Troops were in the first flush of making speeches, if not much sense. He reports being particularly struck by "a porky shiela" and her beau, a Malaysian student ostensibly in Australia to attend one of our fine institutions of higher learning, who both became quite passionate about the plight of Palestinians

Having whipped themselves into a froth, the female concluded her address with this advice:

"Palestine's enemies are our enemies -- the One Per Cent."

It received a lusty cheer, the Billabong's informant reports, adding that about half the crowd then marched off to annoy police, coffee sippers and Max Brenner's chocalteers.

Well it seemed incredible. Re-branding Jews as "the one per centers" and blaming them for all the world's ills -- that is not the sort of thing one expects in Melbourne, where columnists get dragged into court for noting that some Aborigines seem particularly pale. Surely people cannot be that vile or quite so dangerously stupid? A video of the tubby gal's speech would settle all doubt, so if any reader has one or can find one, please point it out in comments.

But anti-semitism does seem to fit quite comfortably with the mood of Wall Street's Occupiers.

Again, any reader who can provide a video of Ms Piggy denouncing the One Per Centers will have the Professor's gratitude.



  1. Put the pro terrorists in front of Mordy! See if those laws work both ways?

  2. I think this is who you are referring to as Miss Piggy, but I can't hear her say that, but her last words are a bit mumbled. She makes her appearance around the 8 minute mark.


    However, I can fill you in a little more about her as I met her at the last BDS harrassment of Max Brenners, Melbourne. I was minding my own business, just calling out "BDS - Blood, Death, Savages", as you do on a cold friday night, when she turned around to me and said "I'm not an anti-semite, I'm a Jew". Hmmmmm.

  3. Is she called Miss Piggy 'cause she's thick as...

  4. "Well it seemed incredible. Re-branding Jews as 'the one per centers' and blaming them for all the world's ills..."

    Once again, Australia's finest "progressives" sound like they're being fed their lines direct from Stormfront.

  5. Yet if any boneheaded Stormfront types showed up no doubt the hippie hordes would beat them to a pulp, despite both sides agreeing that:

    a] Israel is a "genocidal racist state"

    b] Israel heavily influences America through elements of the Jewish diaspora

    One side believes a cartel of bankers and businessmen run the world in a huge organised conspiracy.

    The other believes exactly the same except that the conspiracy is Jewish.

    And those two positions seem to be moving closer to each other by the day.

  6. James, had you said Jewish Bankers and businessmen, you'd have hit the nail dead center.
    They are the same political movements but wear different uniforms.
    And they're too stupid to see it.

  7. How things have degenerated.

    Melbourne, the City of General Sir John Monash, that brilliant Jewish Australian commander whose demise was mourned by a procession of 250,000 Aussie Diggers - now a city where Jewish businesses have reason to fear another Kristallnacht.

  8. Jewish "99 percenter" slags off Max Brenner, with commentary screens.