Friday, October 28, 2011

"Are You a Grant-Snaffling Climate Careerist?"

WHAT a good idea.


  1. Well, lie detector tests are not regarded as sufficiently reliable to be admitted in a court as evidence that the relevant person did or did not lie. This is the case in Australia, and, I think, in all USA jurisdictions. In other words, the 'science' does not stand up.

  2. PhillipGeorge(c)2011October 28, 2011 at 5:04 PM

    Prof, I've learned that people respond well to pictures. Especially where there could be some native females and nipples involved.
    Here is a map of the Real Cows of England
    The next time you go camping, before the tubes of sweetened condensed milk, you might like the taste of some "cosmetic" milk.
    Milk is available for "cosmetic" purposes even here in hotly protected Melbourne. The point of my post is that pictures matter.
    I have, in a cup of tea, some cosmetic milk even as we speak. The taste is literally phenomenonally superior. Epidemiological and micro biological studies might convince a few people of benefits versus risks. But when s__t like "protecting the public", lawyers and money are all involved it is a lot less likely that facts will get in the way of a decision on it.

    In Life of Brian there is that famous scene..
    "How shall we fuck off, oh lord?" I suppose I'm looking for a hobby. In Hitch-hiker guide to the galaxy there was a character whose mission it was to insult everyone in the known universe.
    Bowerick Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged became immortal after an accident with a few rubber bands and a particle accelerator. After years of total boredom, or possibly centuries, he decided to insult everyone in the entire universe in alphabetical order.
    So feel free to tell me to Prof, I've probably done you already.

  3. Morals from my family, then Gnosis, hath prevented me from being a phony/fraud/opportunist Prof. It's a dour journey.

  4. PhillipGeorge(c)2011October 29, 2011 at 11:07 AM

    Ah, Mr Smith, perhaps you could expand on this theme then. From whence do morals proceed? The "Gnosis" = Knowledge = Science of Life?
    Your family was an anchor. As John Elliot famously put it, "You cannot argue with someone who claims a rainbow serpent made some mountain range sacred"? [a paraphrase].
    We now live in a State where a middle class could be drawn and quartered economically to "save a river". Let rivers run sacredly free. But strangely no one is talking about "liberating" rivers beneath the man made lakes that now sustain the cities.
    Morals are a life and death issue.
    "Bloody hypocrites" edges closer to not being a metaphor.
    In a falsely sanitized universe "gay" has nothing to do with damage to an anal sphincter nor costs of recovery to a public purse.
    Morals, Mr Smith come at some cost. The "death of detail" may be a metaphor for too short a time into the collective future.
    Intervention with petrol sniffers might be an illustration. Honour killings? On and on it goes.
    So Gnosis requires some expansion! Does is accommodate "taquiyya"? The local follower of Maharaji Prem Rawat follow "knowledge"

    Is it the same as your own? Perhaps you could take Australia by storm and re-orientate it's moral compass. People are looking for a leader - or better writer of commentaries. The podium is empty isn't it?