Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bottom of the Deck/Learning on the Job

The Parkville Asylum's Bronwyn Hinz has been girl-talking a storm on Twitter with the venerable Anne Summers, who gives the game away in her excitement:

Alas, the man of the Summers household was not having anywhere near so nice a day. Landing the job as The Drum's new editor was the easy part, but mastering the small details of an editor's brief -- things like reading, understanding and writing a few small words by way of an accurate headline -- those skills remain to be acquired. Let Jonathan Holmes' rebuke and young Chip's eagerness to please serve as a lesson to all youngsters hoping to make their way in the world of quality journalists on taxpayer-funded six-figure salaries.

After such a day, the hearth's consolations must have been sweet indeed.


  1. That last photo is rather cruel, True, intensely amusing but a little cruel.
    Made me laugh.

  2. It was just a matter of time before this dying government of mostly females would resort to the gender card. I thought it would be unconscious and instinctive but it seems it's a conscious and deliberate tactic. The gender card ... last resort of the incompetent female. Good of Summers to make it explicit, though.

    Pedro of Adelaide

  3. One would rightly suspect Chippy is a bit of a bounder.
    Talk about the pearly king and queen.

    1. And what sort of name is 'Chip' for an actual adult? Surely it's like 'Hank', a comic name a satirist one might give to a caricature American. I suggest that any grown up who persists in calling himself 'Chip' has a real problem in terms of his maturity and self knowledge.

  4. All this criticism of our PM is clearly unfair and sexist. She is a political, economic and social genius, but just look at who she has to work with.

    Her treasurer can't count past 10 without taking off his shoes and socks, and he's a MAN. Her immigration minister can't tell the difference between a people smuggler and a refugee, and he is also a MAN. And the Climate Change Minister believes the EU basket case economy is a green Nirvana which Australia should copy, and he is a MAN too.

    But don't get me started on her predecessor who created all this mess, and yes he was also a MAN.

    If you criticise our PM you are nothing but a an unfair misogynistic pig. After all, she is just a woman.

    1. Not sure whether you are serious or trying the irony card but just in case you are serious how about the "Handbag Harpies" Ms/Mr Wong, Minister for extremely bad tantrums, Ms Roxon the AG who doesn't understand the principle of the separation of powers and Ms Plibersuck, Minister for Health who seems to spend most of her time making a lot of us sick. Those three are allegedly women and what a dim, miserable lot they are. And if you are really up to it just trawl through the lack of accomplishment of the rest of the occupants of the Treasury Benches male and female. It is not about gender it is about competence, honesty and a belief in the advancement of the countries best interest - things the ALP seem to be totally devoid of at this stage. Glad my dear old Dad is not alive to see a Party he was once a member of and proud of go so far down the gurgler.

    2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.October 13, 2012 at 7:37 PM

      Well, Anne old girl, sorry to disillusion you but the gender card doesn't just belong to you. There are two genders (no - let's not get started on the outliers as varieties).

      Men are a gender and they also have a point of view on all of this. But why create division? Cut up your Society for Cutting Up Men card; it is way out of date.

      These sorts of 'wars' are plain stupid, leftovers from the leftoid days of 1970's feminisim.

      Object to burkas and female genital mutilation and treating women as domestic chattels, and female sex slavery and killing young girls who want education. Don't give me your 1970's feminist idiocy about imagined put-downs in a wealthy and very equal world such as we are privileged to have here in Australia.

  5. Why he's a Chip off the OLD Summer's block.