Saturday, October 20, 2012

She Really Is a Piece of Work

IF ANDREW BOLT was not being denied his moderators once again -- a strange way for News Ltd to demonstrate its faith in a digital future -- one of his commenters certainly would have reacted to this post about Slater & Gordon by noting this passage in The Australian's report that was its inspiration:
Their leaflets warned that, with Mr Blewitt at the helm, the union risked returning to "bad old days" of corruption. They also revealed attempts to level "20 charges of misconduct and mismanagement of union funds" against Mr Blewitt.

"Unfortunately, unless something is done to restore justice and credibility to the union, the union is destined to go back to the bad old days (of corruption)," the leaflet stated.

The attempts to have the union accounts audited and Mr Blewitt investigated or ousted were crushed by the legal action [for libel], in which Ms Gillard and her then boss in the industrial unit at the law firm, Bernard Murphy, were acting on Mr Blewitt's instructions.

Mr Murphy, appointed a Federal Court judge by the Gillard government last year, said yesterday he had nothing to add to a statement he made two months ago. He said then that his reasons for leaving the firm of Slater & Gordon in 1995 had nothing to do with the AWU.

Mr Blewitt said yesterday the defamation action was ordered by Mr Wilson, who jointly controlled the slush fund.

What do we have here? Yet another, hitherto unmentioned example of our PM putting her legal talents at the disposal of a crooked lover and the corruption that was his stock in trade.

A FURTHER THOUGHT:  Given that Gillard was involved in suppressing the complaints of corruption levelled by the AWU's would-be reformers, how can she continue to claim deny she knew of that corruption or her bedmate's part in it? The simple explanation, as with most things about Gillard, is that she is a liar through and through.


  1. Gillard likes Bad Boys...

    No wonder she hates straight-laced Tony Abbott...he must bore her no end.

    Bad boys, Bad boys,
    what you gonna do,
    what you gonna do,
    when they steal from you,

    Bad boys, Bad boys

    1. Given Tim's history, you may be right...

  2. From the Juliaspeak Dictionary:

    'Misogynist' means whatever I say it means.

    "I did nothing wrong' means whatever I say it means.

  3. The woman is beyone redemption. We all make mistakes and I have made a few in my time but mine have not involved the world outside outside my immediate situation

  4. Prof, I think you need a negative in that last par concerning her knowledge of that corruption.

  5. When the delectable(*) Tony Abbott and Oxford Scholar referred to Julia Gillard as a "piece of work"(**) he most probably meant to flatter her. Yet it was pearls to swine, since the Lady's knowledge of English, (despite her power over bogan dictionaries) strikes me as so limited that I wonder what she would make of Shakespeare.

    (*) Yes I AM female.

    (**)...What a piece of work is a man! how noble in reason!
    how infinite in faculty! in form and moving how
    express and admirable! in action how like an angel!
    in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the
    world! the paragon of animals!...

    1. Rita, I very much doubt 'she' would even comprehend anything of what you've written as she wouldn't even answer simply, 'No', to a question at her recent presser, words to the effect, 'Do you think Tony Abbott hates his wife and three daughters?' but did go to say everything and nothing about misogyny and sexism that she's going to call out whenever she sees it. Sheesh, what a nasty piece of work she is.

    2. Not so fast, Rita.
      Hamlet's speech uses sardonic irony. Hamlet is mocking man's limited capacity for reason, fitness for duty, and readiness for action. At on point he abruptly lowers the tone to say that the essence of man is dust- not deserving of admiration.
      Context is everything.
      The context of Gillard's speech shows the truth about her character.
      Tony Abbott was not praising the PM, he was suggesting that the cynical abuse of reason in her speech showed the quintessential Gillard.

    3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.October 22, 2012 at 1:45 PM

      Yep, sardonic irony from Shakespeare. I re-wrote this speech as a comment on a Catallaxy thread about a week ago, with "What a piece of work is she, ignoble in reason" as the lead line. Plain truth there.

    4. I dont quite know yet how this "reply" caper works here, so....

      yes, her promise to call out anyone indulging in "Misogyny" AND/OR "Sexism" was broken pretty fast, (like most of her other ones), when she sat, nicely and docile next to the leader(s) of one of the more misogynistic and sexist countries.

      @Leo G:
      "Not so fast, Rita.
      Hamlet's speech uses sardonic irony...
      Context is everything..."

      With the assumed permission of the Bard, I too used heavy sardonic irony in stopping quite a bit before Hamlet's main point: "...and yet to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me; no, nor Woman neither;..." .

      I'm not above manipulating context to make my political point (I learned this on watching "their" ABC) ;)

      @ Lizzie:
      Good one :)

  6. PS:
    "...a strange way for News Ltd to demonstrate its faith in a digital future --...

    quite suicidal, actually, (and homicidal towards the Bolt blog), but add this one to the fact that the present pack-attack on Alan Jones was started by them, you can be forgiven for thinking that they have taken fright at the thought of a possible Green/Labor/Union/Slater&Gordon/ABC/SBS coalition election victory...

    1. Quite sure Murdoch is smart enough to stay above it all and -to mangle it- keep a dog in both hunts. His business first and foremost is selling news etc.

      As an aside, I remember the aftermath of Howard's 04 victory, where, despite having supposedly cowered every print and broadcast media "journalist" into "silence", he was getting assaulted day after day, in a similar manner to Tony Abbott today.

      Back then, I thought that if the Liberals lost the next election there would simply be no way for them to get back in in my lifetime. The media was so transparently biased against them that they would never let it happen.

      The unexpected rise of Abbott has been phenomenal, yet even the polls that showed 15% are not to be banked on when the fourth estate in this country is so despicable and patently desperate.

      That may seem dour, yet each day sees something more insidious, more reprehensible than the last.

      Last week, the publisher of our national dictionary changed its meaning of a particular word overnight in order to provide support for Julia Gillard against Tony Abbott.

      Changed the definition of a word.

      That is singularly the most fascist, bizarre, Nazi shit ever. Someone like David Marr could only have fantasised about genuine Orwellian creepiness like this while under Howard's "jackboot".

      And that's without mentioning that the current Prime Minister's employment history is more "Tammany Hall" than "hard working ranga makes good".

      Abbott is a long way off, no matter what the polls say; if the media and its hangers-on at Macquarie and the like are corrupt enough to attempt to retrospectively alter the definition of words, then we ain't seen nothing yet.


  7. The Old and Unimproved DaveOctober 20, 2012 at 4:08 PM

    See Julia plumb the abyssal depths in her new blockbuster legal thriller "Voyage to the Bottom of the Bona Fide".

  8. An invitation to socialists and feminists everywhere and anywhere:

    Name me one Feminist who is not a liar.

    Name me one socialist who is not a liar.

    1. Name me one Australian female Prime Minister who isn't a liar?

    2. 1. Andrea Dworkin
      2. Benito Mussolini

      … both are dead.


  9. I still can't figure out how she wittnessed Blewitt signing his POA when he was in Perth, and she in Melbourne.

    Oops, sorry for the "she" reference; how did the Prime Minister wittness something when the Prime Minister was somewhere else.

    And I swear I wasn't watching my watch while typing the above.

    1. It all depends on the dates doesn't it. And of course Blewitt gives himself an out by saying if the dates don't much up then maybe I signed an undated document. About as much credibility as Abbott promising to stop the boats.

    2. I think you have to use "she because she wasn't the Prime Minister when she didn't witness it!

  10. Why am I left with the impression that Bruce Wilson was a front man for some lawyers at Slater and Gordon?

  11. Nice to see that "commenter" is still a word.

  12. The Government operates strictly on the Bart Simpson principle:

    "I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, there's no way you can prove anything!"

    I have to say that it seems to work pretty well in Circus du Canberra. Particularly when there are enough grotesques in the tent, self-interested in keeping the game going.

  13. What Tony should have said "Nasty piece of work"

  14. The Old and Unimproved DaveOctober 21, 2012 at 12:16 PM

    One thing about the Gillard Prime Ministership ..... it's taken the Labor Party to places it didn't want to know existed

  15. In the episode of 'Kingdom' shown on ABC TV last night, the character Peter Kingdom (played by Stephen Fry) gets very annoyed when his sister Beatrice (Hermione Norris) 'misplaces' his much-loved car.

    After searching without success Peter Kingdom exclaims:

    "Oh, you really are a piece of work,
    aren't you, Beatrice?"

    If not for the fuss this past week I would not have noticed.

    Was it sexist because a man said it to a woman?


    Something for Bunyip

  17. In the tradition of great Labor romances, is there a new one one the horizon, featuring co authors of a new book? (sadly attributed to one only?)

    1. We're all waiting with bated breath to see if that develops, Anon... First Juanita and Greg, now K..k..kkkkkkrrrekkk.. (can't bring myself to say it) and McXXXXX,

  18. Off-topic, but a glance at today's Age (online) was instructive. "Gillard's stock on the rise" shrieks the headline.

    That the ALP and the Greens have just been delivered yet another thumping rebuff in yet another of their electoral heartlands merits not a single headline.

    Instead such devastating news for the handful of Fitzroy hipsters who still buy the Age is buried deep underneath Michelle Grattan's gleeful swooning over her beloved leader's rise from the the abysmal to the merely dreadful.

  19. Not sure which "Anonymous" you are but just loved your bit about Tony Abbott's promise to stop the boats and your disbelief in his ability to do so. Remember a bloke called Howard or were you still at kinder then? Abbott was a minister in that government and they did indeed stop the boats. If you are going to try sarcasm do a little fact checking first.

  20. @ Anonymous: Mr.Simmon:

    "...when the fourth estate in this country is so despicable and patently desperate.

    That may seem dour,..."

    Au contraire! It is GENEROUS compared with what I would wish to say about these practicants of the Goebbels school of propaganda.

    "...Changed the definition of a word.
    That is singularly the most fascist, bizarre, Nazi shit ever..."

    YES! And I have yet to check this born again BOGAN dictionary if they have eliminated the word "Etymology" from it!

    "...Abbott is a long way off, no matter what the polls say; if the media and its hangers-on at Macquarie and the like are corrupt enough to attempt to retrospectively alter the definition of words, then we ain't seen nothing yet."

    Hear, Hear and triple Hear! When the naively optimistic voices forecast a Conservative land slide at the next elections, I stick my fingers in my ear and sing "lalalala" because deep-down I just know that this nasty mafia will, if "Misogynist" and "Woman hater" dont work, stamp the label of "pedophile" on Tony Abbott, if necessary with DNA "proof", because this one surely will "unite" the working faaaaaaaaamillies against that "Catholic" and ensure the survival of this antipodean Stasi.