Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Slipper and the Shrew

HERE'S a riddle:

Q: What's the difference between Julia Gillard and Peter Slipper?

A: Slipper had the decency to resign

and here's another:

Q: What does a strong woman sound like?

A: A shrieking fishwife.

and a final one

Q: If Gillard were to resign (ha-ha), could Labor find a similar, but somewhat more presentable substitute?

A: Yes.


  1. wonder if the little nitpicking bastad will find this one to his liking??

    great post - dude your awesome, I can't wait on the otherside of the world for EST to catch up

    The Eggsuckindog

  2. Hi Mr Bunyip; this mature lass sure does have style. Although overdressed, i'm sure this person can be recognised as one that attended an AWU function recently.

  3. Did you get a hold of Craig Thompson's phone, Professor? Because wow, I had trouble keeping down my breakfast.

  4. Absolutely fabulous - Comrade She / Her / It herself took the discussion about her to this level and I delight in her discomfort.

    One can only but imagine how bloody desolate she felt when she first awoke this morning after such a hilariously incompetent performance yesterday. All she then had to look forward to was waddling in to work today amongst a mob of low grade misfits with not one loyal, trusted ally among them.

    I'm enjoying this so much - it is, as Bill Hayden more or less once said, like slowly pulling the wings off butterflies.

  5. Q - What is the difference between Julia Gillard and a drunken footballer?

    A - When pressed, the footballer will admit that genital jokes are wrong.

    Sad but true. If Slipper was a professional footballer and had those txt found on his phone he would be lucky to play again and his entire code would have to take part in education. Since he is not a footballer he instead gets defended by the PM.

    Who exactly has a problem with women in Canberra at the moment?

    1. So true! It's a damn shame really and not something to help one feel proud to be Australian. Little to be proud about lately

    2. Another difference between Julia Gillard and Peter Slipper is that Slipper had the intelligence to see he was bring the parliament into serious disrepute. Gillard's judgement, in a general sense, clearly is the worst of an Australian prime minister since at least the 1940s, and in all likelihood since federation.

      To quote Oprah's mnemonic, gills & lard.

    3. Have Emerson's private snaps be leaked?

  6. Does she sleep with crims?

  7. Truly bitchin' post, Professor; but even as I polish my axe for the coming election, I cant help feeling that your wit and intellectual honesty are far better than the rancid-smelling couple of entertainingly mysoginistic posts you have dropped on the miserable, soon to be former, prime miniature.