Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hot Flashes II

IT MAY BE that only marriage-scarred men of a certain age will appreciate this post and the settled science on which it is based, but the evidence is now clear, so the explanation for Julia Gillard’s recent behaviour really needs to be proclaimed, however distasteful some may find the truth.

We all saw the PM the other day in Parliament, a spitting, seething, snarling shrew, seemingly placid one minute but a spigot of vituperative venom the next. A brave and fearless voice for the oppressed, hissed the venerable Anne Summers on her boyfriend’s ABC-provided website, which is what you might expect Anne Summers to say and for more than the obvious reason that she is obliged to repay the Left Establishment’s kindness in promoting her name, career, book sales and lifestyle for so many decades (not to mention slipping her unemployed beau into a cushy gig). Summers knows. She has been there and shrieked that, perhaps even looked in the mirror and wondered where all that fury and madness were coming from.
Any heteronormative man in his fifties or beyond, especially those of the married or once-married variety, would have been inspired by bitter experience to smile at all that prattle. Was it principle and gender decency that motivated Gillard’s outburst? Don’t be silly! It was all hormonal – a hot, menopausal flash of unhinged invective -- and modern medicine has the proof, as well as a bonus explanation for Gillard’s compulsive inability to tell the truth. Science Daily explains it all:

Testosterone is considered THE male hormone, standing for aggression and posturing. Researchers working with Dr. Armin Falk, an economist from the University of Bonn, have now demonstrated that this sex hormone surprisingly also fosters social behavior. In play situations, subjects who had received testosterone clearly lied less frequently than individuals who had only received a placebo.

So we should sympathise with Gillard, cut her a little slack, not take her lies and fishwifery too seriously. When she led her government’s defence of an appalling, sexist, cab-rorting midnight rambler, it was the product not of principle or strategy but a consequence of hormonal imbalance, as was her confusion in mistaking Abbott’s opposition to her policies as a personal attack on her XX integrity.

So there is an explanation -- and hope as well. As menopause progresses, testosterone levels rise, meaning we can expect the PM to have a lot less trouble sticking to the facts in a year or two. All the country and its institutions have to do is survive in the meantime.


  1. Indeed, the menopause theory has two great benefits.
    1. It fits the facts.
    2. It will drive the sisterhood to apoplectic spittle flecked rage.

    Excellent work.

  2. Makes a bloke pine for Norman Gunston.....the only interviewer who had the bottle to ask that question directly.

    Paul Henry just might.

  3. Remember, Summers was one of the original "women's libbers". She was there at "the beginning". Like a lot of originals for any "great cause" she doesn't know when it's time to give it up. She can't let go. And now she watches the first female Prime Minister getting slaughtered. Every fibre of her being says it just has to be misogyny at work. It just has to be, otherwise her life's work will seem for nothing. She would have to accept that a woman can be incompetent.

    Pedro of Adelaide

  4. Hey! Look on the bright side; Australia doesn't have any nuclear weapons so at least she can't press the red button and launch an attack on Warringah when she has a bad hair day.

    1. Let's hope she doesn't have a meltdown in Bali and shame us all.

  5. Eureka! The twin mental disorders of leftism and compulsive lying finally explained.

  6. Interesing take. I reckon it's more likely she is still dealing with the grief caused by the death of her father.

  7. I am a marriage-scarred man of a certain age who also spent his working life teaching in a university. In the latter capacity I observed and felt the effects of the 'third wave' of feminism of the 70s and beyond, whereby the liberal claim of my generation second wavers of the 60s for equal treatment was replaced by a simple claim of entitlment based on status. The difficulty of explaining how this fits with the merit principle is avoided by incorporating status as a dimension of merit.

    The third wavers have no scruples about how to assert and claim their entitlements and tactics used in the workplace may be seen in Gillard's behaviour. A common tactic is to bait a male again and again until he expresses anger, at which point the claim of 'I was afraid' is raised, and then, a presumption of guilt being in play, the poor bugger is shafted.

    I mention this because I have read (on Catallaxy) that the Liberals claim that Gillard baited Abbott with the taunt 'I know you want to hit me', a remark that is often a prelude to domestic violence.

    My general (rather po-faced) point is simply that Gillard and the other handbaggers know exactly what they are doing. No need for a PMT trigger here.

    1. So it's either biologically induced incompetence or calculated, manipulated, malicious feminist political doctrine.


      I have great confidence that the Australian people will amaze Julia with their recognition of 1970s political cant in the 21st century.

    2. Well said, I have seen similar behavior in the work force. Just amazing.

  8. Is fishwifery pronounched fishwhiffery, ala midwifery?

    It has a nice ring to it.

    There's also the bonus of the fish and w[h]iff pun for extra points.

  9. Hot off the press from Bolta

    Julia lied, didn't witness signature.

    Must be nearly all over now, baby blue.

  10. Yes, I agree with rafiki, she is just froth spittled chain yanking slitty eyed poison, doesn't need a 'man o pause' excuse. Sleeping with her would be like sleeping with a snake of the poisonous variety..

    She must be missing her Dad, - he was the one who thought she was some kind of goddess, in a Caroline Jones interview way back he said being with Julia made him feel 6 inches taller. - loss thus letting the 'real Julia' out of the cage.

    Still, others have suffered such loss and carried on with the job. If she is not up to it, etc.

    The 'man o pause' angle will, however, drive the sisters mad, so I will let it stand, purely for entertainment value.

  11. The Old and Unimproved DaveOctober 11, 2012 at 6:53 PM

    Ahh, women ... can't live with 'em, can't have heterosexual sex without 'em.

  12. What is the great feminazi Summers doing about FGM?


  14. Let the record show that Mr Lion expressed no adverse views on any behavioural changes which may or may not occur during menopause.

    The Irish Lion

    1. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.October 12, 2012 at 3:13 PM

      Well said, Sir Lion. You are a fellow after the heart of the Hairy Irish Ape who shares my marital bed. Da Hairy Ape is certainly extremely circumspect in expressing an opinion about the female during her cycle, or indeed, in the case of Ms. Gillard, perhaps the lack of it.

      'Tis so, mavourneen, whatever you say 'tis, becomes his considered response to any suggestion of a cyclical hormonal storm.

      What a tactful fellow he is, to be sure. He really does know when a girl just needs a hug and a bit of petting till she stops pouting.

      I tried to explain to him about Julia and menopause. Well, she just needs a hug till it's over, he said confidently, although he would rather put forks in his eyes (his words) than take on the task. I suspect he thinks menopause has a duration of about five days. He's a practical guy who looks for a clear start and finish to things.

      If he merely uses Methode Ape, Tim has his work cut out daily for quite a while. Personally, I think HRT is on tap at The Lodge and that Julia's spite is just that. She's a bitter woman being a feminist harpy because she's been shown as not up to her job. Maggie T went through menopause as a role model, flying high. What a star.