Friday, October 5, 2012

In Quadrant

BACK from a vigorous game of golf and there is good news: Quadrant Online's editor has decided to publish an offering from the Billabong. This one, apparently, must not have been (a) in bad taste (b) libelous (c) overloaded with wordplay (d) "arch" or (e) not quite up to standard.

It is good to know the miserable, nitpicking bastard finds something to his liking every so often.


  1. Nice to see you and the on line editor are on such good terms. If you weren't I can only imagine what your description of the poor sod would be.

  2. Of course that "politically engaged macrpod" is a lefty of the nanny state kind:

    Sonny: "What's that Skip?"

    Skippy: "tsk tsk tsk tsk!"


  3. Alan Jones has every right to speak his mind.
    Just not necessarily get paid for it.

    1. Agree; people will pay Jones if they think he is worth paying, which he obviously is seeing as he's still employed and makes shitloads more money then you ever will.

      You've every right to speak your mind too, even if it is fucking stupid.

  4. No doubt Blankets Holmes and Media Watch will be all over this.

  5. Woolies will be struggling with the pain of lost revenue from their Jones boycott, but can always comfort themselves by swimming Scrooge McDuck-style in their pokie money.

  6. I guess Jewish media or foreign policy dominance is outta the question then, anyway good for you Bunyip...give the neocons hell, tell 'em there's still some paleos left in the conservative movement.

    The whole world isn't economics and Israel you know, as the neocons would have you believe.

    Good article from Brooks of the NYT here (can't believe I just said that!):

    1. Ah, our incoherent friend again, forever off-topic with his dark hints that the world would be a much nicer place if it weren't for the jews, with their huge jewish conspiracy, whose aim is -- what exactly?, but never mind, a conspiracy powered by the jew-dominated media and abetted by jew-neocons and their dismal christian dupes.

      Really, mate, why don't you bugger off to or, where you belong? Bunyip's blog is funny, pithy, and targets with the accuracy of a laser-guided missile. I hate to see it polluted with drivel like yours.

      Incidentally, I note that you had misgivings about recommending Brooks' article. Trust your instincts in future -- Brooks is jewish. Haven't you ever heard of disinformation?

    2. You're barking up the wrong tree Anonymous. Bart is not me, though I do congratulate him for bringing this news to our attention.

      I don't assume that all people posting as "Anonymous" are the one and the same fellow, so neither should you assume that anyone who posts referencing Jews is me.

      Btw, I'm offended by your accusations. My comments are *always* on topic!

    3. 'Brooks is jewish'.

      No shit.

      Looks like you've got a dog in the fight Anonystein.

    4. "Anonystein". How witty! They'll love that at Stormfront. So let me get this straight. You think that anyone who calls you out for the paranoid bigot you are must himself be jewish?

    5. We'll if worrying that the conservative movement has been hijacked by economic libertards, foreign policy Israel firsters and no values Cultural Marxists make me a 'paranoid bigot' so be it.z Keep winning battles whilst losing the war, see if I care.

      BTW,When did being conservative equate to uber*-philosemitism anyway? I must have missed that memo, but keep carrying on with your Judeo-Bolshevistesque witch hunts. You'll make a fine Labor politician some day.

      *full apologies if using a German word upset your fragile sensibilities Anonyberg. I shall make 100 pilgrimages to Auschwitz as means of repentance.

    6. "Judeo-bolshevistesque witch hunts"?

      As in those "Jewish-bolshevist commissars" so beloved of Hitler's imagination? Wow! Just wow! You really are an unreconstructed Nazi aren't you? You really do hang out at Stormfront... and probably the Adelaide Institute too? Fascinating!
      PS I suspect we are wearing out the Bunyip's patience, so this will be my last contribution to this thread. And PPS: I'm a WASP on both sides of the family. A lousy Aryan traitor, in other words, fit only for the Concentration Camp. PPPS I bet I speak better German than you, too.

  7. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.October 5, 2012 at 11:09 PM

    a,b,c,d,and e be buggered, Prof. Real quality will out. You have produced, wrapped in your usual crackling gift paper of wit and satire, a SCOOP!

    I am playing Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance March, No. 1, Op 39 in your honour. Bravo!!

  8. Goodness! Someone called You Lying Cnuts signed the petition.

  9. No, no, and no! Just keep being the Prof. Bunyip please, Bunyip. You have the power already and am a kingmaker.

    If you want or need some money, just ask us.

  10. The Old and Unimproved DaveOctober 6, 2012 at 7:09 AM

    a) in bad taste
    b) libelous
    c) overloaded with wordplay
    d) "arch"
    e) not quite up to standard

    Sounds like a posh-nosh recipe from one of the Fairfax foodie editors.

    The ones for which you have to harvest a particular
    herb with a golden sickle at midnight on the solstice.....

  11. I drink a toast to you Prof. Yesterday the ABC emailed me in regard to a complaint about the ABC going ballistic against Jones. In the eyes of the little sweeties who write the replies,
    The ABC has upheld its standards of fair back in your box M G

  12. Nice one B.

    Off topic, haven't seen any of the fare-facts journ-noes reporting on Margie's fabulous "stand by her man".

  13. Wait a tick, the description suggests you don't even need an email address to sign the petition! Is that right? I knew there'd be some fraudin' going on but usually they at least require an email confirmation, which forces the frauder to have access to multiple email accounts - which requires some effort, a little, but better than nothing.

    Just checked. The existing petition linked to at Quadrant has 0 supporters with 115,000 required. Did they reset it?

  14. Excellent piece, Prof and excellent scoop!
    I am still waiting for the outrage against the grub who illegally taped Jones at a private function--my guess is that sort of petition to have him charged wouldn't need too many "ring-ins" as half the country actually agreed with Jones' sentiments about Juliar herself, just disliked that he thought it Ok to speak it out loud, and got taped and caught
    BTW. the fool here who says he shouldn't get paid for his views, well this view was not done in a broadcast,and he has had to pay big time. A pity the Ellis boor didn't have to face the music or the lazy leftist MSM didn't take the Goose to task for his potty mouth sometimes,and have some empathy for Abbott, and Gina a et al whom he bad mouths with impunity,while playing the holierthanthou card from the bottom of the deck!It all makes me wonder who will the Scottish lowlife try to ensnare next,to "win" the daily media cycle?

  15. Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama AND their dog "Bo" signed it!!!!

    This is some serious shit YO!

  16. Either the petition site has been temporarily overwhelmed or they have pulled the "BURN THE WITCH" anti-Alan Jones petition.

  17. A certain Rosa Luxemburg joined the online thingie. She can be reached via

  18. (f) we already have people writing pieces on this topic (I know that one very well)
    (g) not exactly aligned with my worldview
    (h) can't be bothered editing

  19. Hi Bunyipitudster,

    Good one, and cudos for swimming against the effluent which seems to be the default position of the main media who would make Goebbels proud.

    Alan Jones read out your article this morning, about 7.35 am and commented "I dont know Prof Bunyip, but I wish I did".

  20. From the Labor/Greens/ABC dirt unit orchestrated fake "Petition": here are the bunnies whom you would not want on your side in a war: '

    Slater & Gordon Lawyers (Gillard worked for them, say-no-more), McDonalds, Booktopia, NIB, Pestrol, QBE, BoysTown (unsafe place for little boys according to latest revelations), Anglican Retirement Villages, Chemists’ Own, Oporto, Guardian Funerals tee hee, Foxtel, McDonalds very unhealthy anyway, NRMA, Mazda, Harvey Norman daggiest of all daggie outlets, Woolworths exploiters of local farmers, destroyers of local small business, Coles ditto, Big W, Bing Lee only product of some quality is their advertising, Challenger, Dilmah really bad tea, personal taste, Mercedes Benz their head office in Melbourne terminated their contract with Radio 2GB already 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE LITTLE COMMENT MADE BY ALAN JONES Freedom Furniture extremely overpriced bad quality, Telstra 24/7 "24/7" misnomer, as to their "service" hahaha, Lexus Parramatta, Commonwealth Bank Women in Focus, Australian International Motor Show, Slater & Gordon this bunch again?, Ford, 7-Eleven, Hyundai, Turner & Freeman Lawyers, Momentum Energy ,Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Geeks to You avoidance of them highly recommended on personal experience, State Custodians Mortgage Company, Grace Removals, John Oxley Motors, Toyota, Westend Mazda, Jetset Travel, Sydney City – Opel, Cruisescene, 2nds World goods still damaged, prices as new, Deakin Univeristy Marx is too rightwing for them and Jihad = good, RSVP you'd cross to the other side of the street if you met one of their "members" YUK, Lite n' Easy really bad food, processed to buggery, Kathmanduseriously overpriced, Gold Coast Theme Parks, Yellow Pages, White Pages, Hyundai, Honda, BlackmoresI would not trust their products, Thrifty Link, Ozforex, Foxtel and Medibank have pulled advertisements.