Saturday, October 13, 2012

Divorce, Kerr Street-Style

MICHAEL SMITH has a new swag of documents relating to Julia Gillard, Bruce Wilson, the purchase of 1/85 Kerr Street, Fitzroy, and the beard Ralph Blewitt. They make for interesting reading and further the impression that the nation's leader is either very dim or very bent. With Mark Baker's latest article on the matter published today in The Age -- yes, The Age, so you know this is getting serious -- we can all assume the Prime Minister will need to summon a few sympathetic, ill-informed hacks and clarify her former youth and naivety all over again. That performance will be very interesting, no doubt, but not entirely so satisfying as might be if one of the quality journalists neglects to put the following question.
"Prime Minister, at the time you were handed Ralph Blewitt's pre-signed power of attorney, your lover Wilson was a married man with children and in the process of leaving his family in order to take up residence in Melbourne, where for several years he shared his life with you. Would it be fair to say that one obvious advantage of listing Blewitt as Kerr Street's buyer of record was that it shielded Wilson's wealth from his soon-to-be ex-wife and her divorce lawyers?"
Given Gillard's high-decibel assault this week on the patriarchy and her stridency in demanding that women be given a fair shake, a follow-up question would be in order:
"Does your sympathy for women extend to humble housewives cheated of their marital assets by the legal deceptions of philandering husbands' and their new girlfriends?"

Many of the hackettes are giving Gillard rave reviews for her Question Time harangue. Come the election (and may it come soon!), it will be interesting to see if that enthusiasm is shared by the wider female electorate, especially those who have been robbed blind by ex-husbands.


  1. The Old and Unimproved DaveOctober 13, 2012 at 11:58 AM

    As one of the the ten million or so men in Australia that Julia Gillard clearly hates, can I just say that I, for one, am perfectly happy for her to hide her assets.....preferably under something thick like burlap.

    1. Well said that man. Though perhaps a Burqua would be more appropriate - not for cultural reasons [whatever that may mean] but because the bloody things are like bell tents and excellent at covering the contents thereof.

    2. Gillard doesn't just hate men. She hates Australians. She will use them and dribble platitudes about them, but they are meaningless to her. She values the traditions and values of the country that made her Prime Minister as much as Penny Wong does.
      This nation is just 200 years of disgusting male influence that needs to be shamed out of existence.


    3. Gillard loves men, she giggles, flirts and touches them all the time. Her disgusting behaviour around Obama was like a teenage groupie.
      She flirted with Abbott on their weekly breakfast TV appearances until Abbott pulled the plug.
      Gillard hates anybody who gets in her way.

  2. Prof,

    I had the misfortune to watch a bit of Morning Sunrise today, featuring Andrew O'Keefe agreeing with some bimbo talking head that Julia's recent parliamentary rant was just fabulous, darling. O'Keefe actually went on to quote approvingly, the gushing commentary from none other than - JEZEBEL!

    I had to rush for the anti-emetic...


    1. The Gillard stuff was no longer front page on Jezebel yesterday and I couldn't find any link to it, at least not on the home page'

      I guess if the site's readers spend most of their time playing with themselves - as the content strongly suggests - then their spans of attention are likely to be short!

  3. Thanks for that.

    I just those questions out to my spouse and it was very much a "ahh! that's why" moment.

    And to get a bit technical, the "face validity" of those suppositions is very high.

  4. Excellent way of putting it. I didn't think of that. I shall run that by the mrs and her friends for a road trial.

  5. The Age aren't too keen on highlighting these Baker articles, of which this is the 3rd. Everyone should view at the site, so the count is registered, and Tweet them via the Twitter button up top if you use it.

  6. Oh my, what fabulous questions. Much food for thought. I don't know if Ms Gillard hates women. But, she sure doesn't have any regard for married women. And I'm saying that as a single woman. Perhaps 'she' doesn't have any regard for anyone but herself? Just a suggestion...

  7. Oh no. Let's talk about Alan Jones, let's talk about the eeeeeevil Abbott, let's talk about.........

  8. What a clever little bunyip you are.

  9. To add to Bill Thompson's comment. We've never heard of JEZEBEL until a few days ago. I read the article and having formed an opinion, I invited the wife to read it. I think I may have awakened a sleeping giant. Even Wharfies would be embarrassed by her comments. Having read more articles from the site, she did enquire however as to who allows these low caste grubs to write such filth.


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  11. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.October 13, 2012 at 6:56 PM

    'Very dim or very bent'. Haahahahahaha, Prof. Heads or tails, or we could try both. As a speculative gamble, my money is on both. It may not be soon, but in the end, truth will out. When she loses the election, the filing cabinet may be moved to reveal all that has dropped behind it.

  12. Brown's bitch is no more.

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  14. Thank you, So thats why Ralph Blewitt's name was used to purchase the property at 1/85 Kerr Street by Julia Gillard and Bruce Wilson with fraudulently obtained monies.

    Although the Emily List feminists will continue to side with Gillard many ordinary women will see her as the dreaded "other women".

    This issue will split the female vote if it gets traction.

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