Monday, October 29, 2012

Mister Buttinski

LET US  all play a little guessing game, shall we?

On Q&A tonight, how many times will Tony Jones interrupt, and who will he interrupt the most?

Here's the field:

Kate Lundy, Minister for Sport and Multicultural Affairs
Eric Abetz, Liberal Senate Leader
Archie Roach, Indigenous singer-songwriter
Sekai Holland, Zimbabwe Minister for National Healing & Reconciliation
Grahame Morris, Political adviser

At the Billabong, the betting is that Roach will not be interrupted at all, Holland only in the most deferential manner and Lundy perhaps once or twice.

Morris and Abetz can expect more static, with Morris likely to be the more frustrated of the pair, since he does not sit in the Senate and can exert little influence on the ABC budget.


  1. Tony will have Abetz on a very tight sub-judice rein if he starts to mouth the words "pimply thieving grub", "member for Dobell", "missing funds", "hookers", "very long taxi rides", "closet ajar", "mussel man" or "rent boys"

    Can someone confirm?
    I usually forego my 8 cents worth on Monday evenings.

    The Irish Lion

  2. The Drum, Q&A, and the ABC morning news all use twitter feeds to encourage groupthink, brainwashing and lemming style, pavlovian reflexes.

    The Chaser don't even pretend that their twitter feeds are real...which is uncharacteristically honest of them.

  3. The Old and Unimproved DaveOctober 29, 2012 at 8:01 PM

    Oh, c'mon Professor.

    I heard on the grapevine that the Liberals and the ABC staffers intend to get all liquored up next December and hold a Rum Rebellion 'Forgive and Forget' Dance.

  4. Still chuckling over the large white bum diving over the windowsill.

  5. Aunty is worth a look between 8:00 and 8:30.
    Reporting on the sad death of Fairfax, focussing on Malcolm Brown, whose Fairfax career looks over.
    Now Malcolm looks like an old style reporter.
    You know the type - can spell, string words into sentences, and sentences into paragraphs.
    But in the background of the Fairfax offices we see posters saying "SAVE QUALITY JOURNALISM" and "MINING CURES CANCER".
    Oh, how very witty and smug of them.
    These oxygen thieves deserve everything they've got coming.

    The Irish Lion

  6. Grahame Morris came out with a gem on Sky News PM Agenda today. Commenting on Gillard's neck-saving Newspoll, he said "Good thing Kevin Rudd's cat died last week or it would be getting a kicking"...

  7. Jingo, perfessor, you're being generous. Abetz and Morris won't be allowe to speak at all; they'll be drowned out by youngsters with fingers in their ears chanting Bhuddist incantations. You do understand that the ABC was only set up to serve the interests of people who dislike business and love communism in its classic fun incarnation - mass human extinctions, etc?

  8. "...can exert little influence on the ABC budget."
    But surely right-thinking people only want to increase the ABC budget. I quote expert opinion from Lucy Kippist at the Punch: "Thanks to all the extra great content on ABC 1 and ABC 2 these days it’s nearly impossible to watch everything that takes your fancy."

  9. This Link says it all really

  10. The most boring Q&A ever. Once upon a time Jones used to try and cover up his bias. He's now out of control. A show that's done its time.

  11. "That Roach is quite the intellect. He sure had Jones's measure... poor Tony was completely outclassed."

    That above quote would have looked funny had if it had made it on to the twitter feed.

  12. Gave up at 0950.

    Question: if half of the audience vote Coalition - as their twits feed said first up, how come roughly half don't clap when something which certainly would be lauded by such people comes up? Such as "Julia started of her PM-ship with a lie". Or Julia's speech was negated by the fact she was defending on outrageous woman-hater?

    Hmmm? Well?