Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ten Ovaries, One Brain

GERARD HENDERSON's regular Friday treat has Nancy reviewing a recent screening of The Nation which inserted Kelly O'Dwyer into a re-staging of Macbeth's first scene. Beset by a Gillard cabinet minister, an uncombed harridan, and a blonde, the Member for Higgins capably foils their real intent, which can only have been to revive the debate about the wisdom of female suffrage. In this enterprise the sisters received no small aid from their hostess. As Media Watch Dog reports:

There were many highlights of the debate.  Including:
▪ Dee Madigan said that it took Tony Abbott “four or five days” to fully criticise Alan Jones’ indefensible remarks about Julia Gillard’s late father.  In fact it took, at most, one day. [Is this the same Ms Madigan who said on Paul Murray Live last Monday that “Tony Abbott is only the Opposition leader by one vote” – forgetting that he was re-elected unopposed as Liberal Party leader after the 2010 election? – Ed].
▪ Dr Julia Baird on one occasion referred to Julia Gillard as “she” – despite the fact that Dr Anne Summers has declared that “she” is a sexist word when used with reference to the Prime Minister (See MWD Issue 157).
▪ Ms Collins argued that Tony Abbott is a misogynist but, when challenged by O’Dwyer about what the term means, said that she was “not going to get into a debate about the meaning of words”.
▪ Ms O’Dwyer objected to the use of the word misogynist – meaning woman-hater – with respect to Tony Abbott. She maintained that the 14 year old Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai – who was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman for advocating that girls be educated – was a victim of real misogyny.  Whereupon Dee Madigan engaged in a dismissive artificial laugh. Madigan declared that O’Dwyer should know there are degrees of misogyny.
So according to the Thought of Dee Madigan, the attempted murder of a teenage girl by the Taliban is one kind of misogyny.  And referring to Julia Gillard on any occasion as “she” is another kind of misogyny. Really.
▪  At the end of the debate, the issue of the leadership of both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott was raised.  Ms Dalley responded “We’re going back to where we started”. Not so.  The debate never left where it started.

Those with a little time to spare might enjoy the entire show.  And do make a point to catch Julia Baird's remark at the 25:00 mark. "I've wasted many years of a PhD," she says. At least a little bit of truth found its way into the show. 


  1. Tried to watch the show. Couldn't do it. Just don't have the stomach for it. Defending such a creep whilst slagging a decent man like Tony Abbott. Good grief...

  2. Julia Baird....If you were going to design a thoroughly predictable, genetically modified, computer generated modern feminist she would be the one. Perhaps there is some feminist laboratory somewhere that takes Anne Summers DNA and transfers it to a new host...Julia appears to be the new host.

    Real Deal

  3. I thought your headline was describing the current front bench.

  4. I managed to watch it without putting a size 10 john karandonis loader through my TV...just. My wife couldn't believe that I was watching a hysterical shrieking banshee fest. She lost patience long before I did.

    1. Well I also tried to watch it but SWMBO turned it off with the comment that she had no time for irrational, shrieking harpies without a trace of logic in their arguments no matter what their alleged academic ranking. I did not object to the termination of the rubbish. SWMBO is also well educated with the essential pieces of duly seal adorned paper but somehow missed the semester that includes the lobotomy the harpies on the debate seem to have had.

  5. On reflection, the fact that Julia Gillard chose Julie Collins as her Minister for the status of women shows how much of a misogynist she is. Collins is as dumb as a box of rocks. If Gillard had any regard for the status of women, she would have appointed an earthworm ahead of thar idiot.

    As for Dee Madigan, well she is just completely unhinged.


  6. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.October 13, 2012 at 10:31 PM

    Skuter's wife and I are as one on this, as with many other wives and women of good sense who can see through this charade. Unwatchable and shall we say, hysterical? Dear me. Kelly O'Dwyer though is a feisty colleen at battling harpies. All power to her.

  7. Wow. I got through 20 minutes. Kelly O'Dwyer is a hero. Ridiculously impressive.

    Harangued by idiots who needed to gang up 4-to-1, she not only held her own, but made a fool of the gaggle of women trying to bully her.

    Weak women who would pretend they are smart and strong.....while huddling in a group behind whatever barrier the left allows their women to hide behind; absolutely shameful, no wonder Labor is in disgrace.

    Contrast that with the wits and smarts of O'Dwyer, dealing so easily with the vacuity of Labors vanguard. Dickhead shemales like Swan and Emerson are now Gillards only defence, and it's funny as hell.